Saturday 6 December 2008

DST update

Diamond Select Toys have announced a new deal with Toys'R'Us to have their products stocked in the big toy shop with a giraffe for mascot. That stock will include DST's model of the TOS Enterprise and coming soon two exclusive new action figures (with more to come in the future).

Meanwhile on the Art Asylum blog the latest Ask DST Q&A session gives some details on the direction of the DST Star Trek line.

On action figures, they suggest the next wave will likely be TOS figures (and they are thinking about reissuing some of the previously released TOS figures), and that the DS9 figure sales have not been that great, but they would like to find a way to fill out the crew, and offer Kira in a Bajoran uniform (as well as the current Starfleet offering) eventually, if possible.

On ships, they have two in development, and neither is an Enterprise, they're also still keen to do a "bad guy ship" at some point. Meanwhile the variant edition of the next ship, the All Good Things... Enterprise-D has yet to find a buyer, but they are continuing to develop it in the hope one will appear.

See the original report for the full questions and answers.

Finally Toy News International has given us the first look at the final make-up of the Borg action figures wave. The final four figures are Seven of Nine as a drone and in her brown cat-suit, a standard Human(oid) drone, and a partially assimilated Starfleet officer (based on someone from First Contact apparently). Each of the set will come with a section of a regeneration alcove, so if you get the whole set you get a whole alcove.

See the original report for more photos.

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