Tuesday 16 December 2008

IDW to do Wrath of Khan adaptation

In an interview with Comics Bulletin the new IDW Star Trek editor has revealed IDW will be producing a three-issue adaptation of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, the only TOS movie not to have been adapted to the comics medium. The series will be adapted by Schmidt himself, with Chris Ryall taking on editorial duties, and will be illustrated by an artist named Chee.

On other Trek projects Schmidt described Mission's End thusly "THE STATUS QUO CHANGES. That's right, you'll see friendships suffer and crumble as well as really great action. This book is going to lead up to some really big changes for the Original Series franchise."

He also gave the vaguest of hints of a new TNG project in the works "After all that [the WoK adaptation], we then get into the Next Generation stuff, but oh my, lord, if I told you want we have planned, it would blow your mind. But I'll say this—no one is safe. Seriously."

The interview also discussed Schmidt's career, Countdown, and Crew. Go forth and check it out. Thanks to Allyn Gibson on the TrekBBS for pointing this out.

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