Sunday 6 June 2021

The USS Enterprise-A bag, with frisbee and drinks storage!

 Behold, the amazing USS Enterprise-A bag(ad)!

Alas this is not a new product on the way, but something from 1992, that I recently came across on Ebay(ad). Produced by Premiere House, the advert included in the single copy of this currently on offer, explains the functionality, which is clever in a weirdly specific way: The main body of the bag, the engineering section, is a regular duffle bag, while the saucer and nacelles are detachable units. The saucer is specifically intended to hold plates or a frisbee, while the insulated nacelles can each hold three cans of your favourite drink. So great for boldly going on a picnic, as illustrated!

Obviously without those specific things stowed inside, everything goes a bit floppy... As you can see in more images care of the Ebay listing(ad). As far as I can spot, this seems to be the only one on the market right now, and is a pretty obscure rarity.

I think my favourite category of Star Trek product is things forced to be the shape of the Enterprise, just because it's fun to see how designer manage to pull of that feat! Not a bad go here I think! Although it's fair to say the Constitution class is not exactly an obvious shape for a bag.

More recently The Coop had a stab a few years ago, but they went down a rather more practical route and smushed the Enterprise into the shape of a messenger bag(ad). A bit more elegant maybe, but surely not a fun as a bag that featured dedicate storage for your frisbees and fizzy drinks!

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