Thursday 17 June 2021

Beautiful alien worlds of Prodigy revealed

Paramount+ have released some more new images to preview the forthcoming animated Star Trek series Prodigy. This latest set looks at some of the locations of the series, revealing a beautiful and exotic selection of alien worlds and environments. This is going to be a stunning series!

These come hot on the heels of the recent cast and character detail announcement, which revealed some surprising alien species set to star in the show. 

If you like beautiful landscapes, you might also want to have a look at my recent report on Star Trek matte paintings from the classic series which are coming up for auction.

Prodigy will launch on Paramount+(ad) in the US later this year, and will also be shown on Nickelodeon. In Canada it will be found on CTV Sci-Fi, while other international distribution has yet to be announced. To keep track of all the latest Prodigy updates, check back through my Prodigy tag

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M said...

Aaaaaaaaa so excited!!!

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