Wednesday 16 June 2021

Star Trek Picard season two trailer brings us Q and broken time

Paramount+ have released a new trailer for Picard season two. Check it out below, and then continue down for a look at the new poster for the season, and a look at some of the key moments from the trailer.

Embedded here is the square-cropped Instagram version of the trailer. You can see the full widescreen version on or YouTube (the latter geolocked for US viewers only).

So time is a major element of the season, and the new poster for the season strongly implies not just alternate timelines that seem to be hinted at in the trailer, but possibly also time travel to our present day - With the Starfleet delta of the poster being formed out of contemporary roads in LA - I certainly hope this car-soaked urban sprawl isn't Earth's utopian future!

Here's a closer look at the person presumably responsible for (or hoping Picard can fix?) the "broken" time.

Here we see Picard and Raffi at some sort of ceremony. Both appear in new versions of the Starfleet uniform. Flags here represent Klingons, Tellarites, the Federation, Starfleet, Starfleet Academy, Vulcans, Bajorans, and Ferengi. Is this the past, present, alternate timeline? Who knows!

And here's Picard from his scene meeting Q. Note he is wearing a black outfit with a new version of a silver Starfleet delta.

The same black uniform and delta that Rios seems to be surprised to find himself wearing in this moment. If La Sirena's crew have shifted into an alternate timeline, as Q describes it, "the very end of the road not taken", are they all aware of it? Both Picard and Rios seem to be from what we briefly see.

As does Seven, who wakes up to find herself not herself, missing her Borg implants. The timeline changes here could be huge. Is this a Annika Hansen who was never assimilated? Or merely a different path for Seven where she was able to be more fully de-assimilated?

Seven also has the mysterious emblem in a box...

We briefly see Soji, looking very stylish. Alternate timelines have enormous potential for this character too: A timeline where she was never an outlawed lifeform maybe? She would have had a very different life.

Brent Spinner is in this season too, as a Soong, or a different version of Data? Or...?

Jurati is having a dramatically lit life, but we can't see much else from her brief moment. Of course the fate of artificial life could have major consequences for her past and future too.

There's also Elnor and Raffi in a murky ally. All looks a bit dramatic for them too.

And Laris, not completely missing even if Picard couldn't find her earlier in the trailer. Could this path not taken bring a different outcome for the Romulan evacuation?

Whatever happens, it seems Picard gets his gang back together again and plans to fix things: "we can save the future, and I will get us home, together". 

But I wonder, will they? Will they even want to? A whole season of time travel hijinks could kick up all sorts of things, and surely the weight of consequence that Picard the series seems to want to have, it can't be as easy as a big reset button come the end of the season. I think we could be going some interesting places here. But we won't find out until 2022!

Meanwhile, Picard and all the other Treks, can be found on Paramount+(ad), in the US at least. In Canada look to Bell Media services, while in the rest of the world Picard is available on Amazon Prime Video(ad). Or you can get the first season on bluray(ad).

To keep track of all the latest Trek TV updates, check back through my TV tag. Or check the Picard tag for all things related to that series, including tie-in fiction and merchandise. 

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