Sunday 23 May 2021

FanSets emoji characters and other new Star Trek pins

The ever productive FanSets have been busy with Star Trek pins, with new character, ship, and episode based designs spanning the franchise, and in several different styles. Continue below to check out their latest releases.

Recently completed is a series of emoji pins, with one character based on each of the TV series to date, and getting ahead of themselves Strange New Worlds too. You can get the whole collection as a set of nine pins:

Or you can now pick up each character individually. Spock for TOS, La Forge for TNG, Sisko for DS9, Janeway for Voyager, Archer for Enterprise, Burnham for Discovery, Picard for Picard, Mariner for Lower Decks, and Pike for SNW - They're a nice style, would be cool to see more characters like this I think.

The MicroFleet range, celebrating starships has just one new entry in recent weeks, the Luna class USS Titan, earning its place thanks to being canonised by Lower Decks:

The Women of Trek series so far is now complete with the latest releases finishing up the second wave from the series - FanSets have confirmed on Twitter that four more characters for a third series are in the works though. The newest pins are Kira Nerys, Deanna Troi, Soji Asher, Michael Burnham.

Also now complete are the EpisodePins for Picard season one. The final three releases were Broken Pieces, featuring Seven of Nine and The Artifact; Et In Arcadia Ego, Part 1, featuring Sutra and Altan Soong; and the over-sized Et In Arcadia Ego, Part 2, featuring Picard and the La Sirena.

Finally from FanSets most expansive Star trek collection, there are many new characters joining the MicroCrew. The latest releases include the first two-character MicroCrew pin, featuring Laris and Zhaban together. There's also Larissa from Picard, Ezri Dax and Nog from DS9, Riker in the Riker-pose from TNG, and Trelane from TOS:

FanSets have also released artwork for a forthcoming Ryn pin, shared by the actor himself, Noah Averbach-Katz:

For more pin updates, check back through my pins or FanSets tags

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