Tuesday 25 May 2021

Eaglemoss reveal more Kelvin timeline ships, and the Son'a battleship

Following the recent reveal that the USS Armstrong(ad), from the Kelvin timeline background Starfleet fleet, will finally be joining Eaglemoss' Starships Collection, it has now been confirmed more minor Kelvin ships are on the way. Eaglemoss have also released new images of their latest Son'a ship. Continue below to check them all out.

TrekCore have released the first images and details of the further Kelvin releases. For now at least the collection will comprise the three most prominent ships from the Vulcan rescue fleet in The Future Begins (see my previous report for a look at the other Kelvin ships still in waiting). 

My favourite of the bunch is the very uniquely shaped USS Newton, with a half saucer and two engineering sections. This will be the 28th bonus issue in the collection, coming in August: 

Prior to that, July will bring us the USS Mayflower, which is quite similar to the Reliant class in configuration. UPDATE: This one is now up for pre-order on Eaglemoss' US webshop(ad), and several more images have been released via that listing.

As previously reported, these will be preceded by the USS Armstrong(ad) - Which is currently up for pre-order, listings for the two newly announced ships are not up yet, alongside the new listing for the USS Mayflower(ad), while the USS Newton is not listed yet.

Apart from the USS Enterprise-A, these are the most prominent Kelvin ships, so it's great to finally get them, but I certainly hope more of the more minor ships will follow too.

Eaglemoss have also put this new rendering of the Armstrong(ad) on their webshop showing off it's own unusual configuration, alongside an image of the Romulan Vessel(ad) from the Picard, coming soon to the Star Trek Universe collection(ad):

Meanwhile Eaglemoss have been gradually building up the Son'a fleet(ad), and recently announced the Son'a battleship(ad) as the 27th special issue (larger sized) in the Starships Collection. They didn't initially release images of the model, but Entertainment Earth(ad) have done now, and it's a beauty - Another ship I really appreciate for it's unique shape in the Trekverse. This one is due in August as well.

UPDATE: One other new listing from Eaglemoss' webshop is a binder for the magazines from the Star Trek Online starships collection(ad).

To get hold of the latest ships, look for individual releases via the Eaglemoss' web-shop in the US(ad) and the UK. For discounted pre-orders, check Things For Another World(ad) too, who normally offer a 20% pre-order discount. You can subscribe to the Star Trek Universe collection in the US(ad)UK(ad)Germany(ad), and other parts of Europe(ad)

For more Eaglemoss updates, check back through my Eaglemoss tag, or for starships coverage in general see my ships or model ships tags.

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Ben said...

Man, why do the alternate reality ships look so grubby?
Is everyone in the future too smart to hold a space mop?

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