Monday 3 February 2020

Round 2 Models reveal new TOS shuttle and Disco-Enterprise model kits

Round 2 Models have recently revealed plans for two new Star Trek models this year, the long awaited TOS shuttlecraft, and a new bigger version of the Discovery-Enterprise. Continue below to check them out, plus updates on other Disco and Wrath of Khan kits on the way.

Round 2 have been considering doing a TOS shuttlecraft kit as far back as 2012, and shelved it for a while after the costs of doing a kit with a full interior became prohibitive. But now they've returned to the idea, and expect to release it the 1:32 scale kit (making it about eleven inches long) later this year! In a preview video on YouTube of lots of forthcoming releases, we got out first look:

This release of the shuttle will not have an interior, but the idea hasn't been entirely forgotten, they might do it as an extra kit later, if this initial release does well. It does still have a hinged door, so could be built with the door open if desired. They're also considering a special promotion on initial orders, that would include resin figures of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy.

Also seen for the first time in the video is the new 1:1000 scale Discovery USS Enterprise, which will be about eighteen inches long. What we see here is the first test shot of the molds. They're expecting to release the final version in June.

An extra lighting kit will be available too, which was built into this test build. They might still make tweaks to help with the light bleeds seen here.

Meanwhile if you can't wait to build your own Enterprise, the smaller 1:2500 scale version was released last year. Round 2 have released a few images of that kit built, to show it off:

Here's a closer look at the decal sheets included with this kit:

The USS Discovery 1:2500 kit was also released last year, and there's some new images of a built version of that too:

The first release this year is just hitting shelves now, the reissued 1:1000 scale refit USS Enterprise, in Wrath of Khan themed packaging. This comes with decals for the marks on the ship, and battle damage. A separate decal set is also available to add on the aztecting, that includes enough decals for both the Enterprise, and matching scale USS Reliant, which is also getting a reissue later this year.

To keep track of all the latest model kits and other starship model releases, kit the "Models, Toys, and Games" tab on my 2020 schedule page.

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