Tuesday 4 February 2020

Picard previews: Images from The End is the Beginning, character video, and Borg Cube poster. Plus Short Treks behind the scenes.

CBS have released a load of new stills from this week's forthcoming episode of Picard, along with a short video exploring some of the new characters in the show, and a cool Borg Cube travel poster. Continue below to check out all of that and more, including a new behind the scenes look at one of the recent animated Short Treks episodes.

First up, let's take a look at episode three of PicardThe End is the Beginning. The most notable new image shows us flashback Picard and Raffi, in their snazzy new-look Starfleet uniforms:

And here they are in the "present":

A new character is also introduced in these images, one of the former Borg, called Ramdha (played by Rebecca Wisocky), who seems to be spending some time with Soji, and Hugh, who will make his return in this episode. There's lot of images of them on the Borg Cube, as well and Narek:

The final few images introduce us to our new ship, the La Sirena, and it's captain/owner(?) Christóbal Rios:

CBS have also released a featurette introducing Picard's new crew (which you can also watch on StarTrek.com if you're geolocked out of the embedded video below):

And they've been sharing this cool travel poster for The Artifact (the Borg Cube) on social media:

Along with more of those delta variant character motion graphics:

Finally for Picard, CBS have also released a clip, the introduction of Raffi, from the previous episode, Maps and Legends:

One more item today though comes from another corner of on-screen: CBS have released a new behind the scenes featurette looking at the making of the animated Short Treks episode The Girl Who Made the Stars. Check it out (also on StarTrek.com if YouTube fails you below):

Picard is available now on CBS All Access in the US, Bell Media services in Canada, and Amazon Prime Video in most of the rest of the world.

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