Monday 3 February 2020

First Picard soundtrack arrives this week

With a pleasingly brisk turnaround Lakeshore Records have revealed the details of the first soundtrack release from Picard. Coming in just a few days time, on the 7th, the Picard Season 1, Chapter 1 soundtrack will include music by Jeff Russo from the first few episode of the series, plus the Short Treks prequel episode Children of Mars. Here's the cover:

This would appear to follow the pattern of the first season of Discovery, which had two soundtrack releases spanning the season. At the moment there only appears to be a digital option offered though, with no CD release on the schedule - Discovery season two has still not had a CD release, but the vinyl edition was recently previewed, so maybe Picard will follow this model for physical media too?

Film Music Reporter have released the track listing for this first chapter. Some of the track titles appear to be from not-yet-released episodes, and could be a bit spoilery:
1. Star Trek Picard Main Title (1:43)
2. Star Trek Picard End Title (1:44)
3. Walking With Number One (1:16)
4. Dahj Activates (1:10)
5. Dahj And Picard Speak (3:54)
6. Dahj’s Last Fight (1:51)
7. Picard Decides (1:46)
8. The Painting (2:58)
9. Twins (4:15)
10. Picard Requests Help (2:15)
11. Romulan Collusion (2:21)
12. Trouble For Picard (1:18)
13. Rafi Decides To Join (1:51)
14. Rafi Turns Down Picard (2:06)
15. Sizing Up Rios (4:15)
16. Happier Times (3:25)
17. Leaving With Elnor (1:52)
18. Mystery Ship (3:10)
19. Picard Goes Back (2:08)
20. Picard Leaves Elnor (1:41)
21. Soji And Narek Waltz (4:42)
22. Home Movies (1:52)
23. Jurati And Maddox (1:55)
24. Leaving With Maddox (3:47)
25. Seven Needs Revenge (3:02)
26. What’s Your Emergency (1:25)
27. Page (From Short Treks “Children Of Mars”) (1:58)
28. Children Of Mars End Credits (From Short Treks “Children Of Mars”) (1:43)

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