Friday 26 July 2019

Stick-upz expand line with life size characters, and Enterprise and Section 31 designs

Star Trek sticker makers Stick-Upz have expanded their range of Discovery stickers with several new releases.

Back in January they launched with a USS Discovery themed set of stickers, and have now added an Enterprise set with a similar mix of characters, ships, and emblems:

In the same style there's a Section 31 set too:

Joining these smaller stickers are some life-sized characters. Currently available are Burnham, Saru, Pike, and Spock. Saru is of course the latest of the bunch, at just over 2m! While Burnham is a 167cm. Spock and Pike are 186 and 188cm.

 Also new in life size is the USS Enterprise dedication plaque, offered at 38x28cm.

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