Friday 26 July 2019

Round 2 Model's Discovery model kit updates, and many reissues

Round 2 Models are zipping through their promised collection of Discovery starship model kits, with two already out, and a third coming soon. Continue below to check them all out, as well as details of reissues of Round 2 and Revell ships from other series:

The third Discovery kit will be the USS Enterprise, which like the previous Disco kits will be a 1:2500 scale model. The new box art for this has just started showing up with retailers; Entertainment Earth are expecting it as soon as next month!

Round 2 haven't released any images of the kit itself yet, but they did have it on display at the Wonderfest convention recently, and TrekSphere got a few shots of that, including these below (do check out their report for more). It's unpainted surfaces show of the clear components quite nicely:

TrekSphere also interviewed Round 2's Jamie Hood, who among other meanderings on possible future model kits, mentioned they are still keen to release a larger scale USS Discovery kit next year, probably at 1:1000 scale.

Meanwhile, the USS Shenzhou kit arrived last month. Here's the box-art and some shots of Round 2's built up example. The kit comes with metallic decal sheets to add in all the surface detailing.

Naturally the Discovery was the first Disco ship to arrive, back in March. Here's the box-art and beauty shots of that too. This kit also has extensive metallic decals.

Beyond Discovery, Round 2 reissued a couple of older kits back in February. There's the AMT 1:2500 scale USS Enterprise D, which has updated box art now:

And also the Polar Lights 1:1000 scale Enterprise NX-01. Which also got new box art, and a slew of other images released, including showing off it's extra parts to make the refit design, and mirror universe decale options:

Finally, Revell, who release model kits in the European market, have reissued a couple of their older kits too. Most notably their 1:600 TOS USS Enterprise kit is now offered with a sound and lighting kit ready to go! They've also reissued the model only edition.

Released at the same time is a repackaged edition of their 1:670 scale USS Voyager kit too.

To keep track of all the latest model kits and other starship model releases, kit the "Models, Toys, and Games" tab on my 2019 schedule page.

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