Thursday 15 March 2018

New Eaglemoss starship model previews and book news

Lots of Eaglemoss Starships Collection news today, including preview of new and forthcoming models, Discovery collection updates, and the first look at several new books they are publishing. Continue below for all the details.

First up, the 13th oversized special issue, the Kelvin timeline Klingon battlecruiser, is on the way, due in April according to the Eaglemoss shop, and now Eaglemoss' Hero Collector blog has posted some new preview images of the model:

The Eaglemoss shop has also added a listing for the XL size USS Enterprise-A model, which is due out in April as well. This gives us a new image, which gives a nice impression of how big the model is.

Also new on the Eaglemoss shop are a couple of the recent regular issues, giving us new images of the new ship models. Issue 118 was the Freedom class USS Firebrand, from the Battle of Wolf 359:

And following that we have the Hirogen Holoship:

We also have a couple of little updates from the Discovery collection. For starters we have a change in the line-up, with the delivery of the USS Discovery revealing the third issue will not be the USS Europa as previously suggested, but instead the new Klingon Bird of Prey. And we have an ETA for the arrival of that ship, as series manager Ben Robinson has tweeted they are hoping for a May release; with the series taking a short pause after the release of the Discovery as expected.

Eaglemoss have also released their own unboxing video of the first ship in the series, the USS Shenzhou:

Finally, we have news of several new books on the way from Eaglemoss. Listings have recently appeared for two books in a series called Star Trek Shipyards: The Encyclopedia of Starfleet Ships, one volume will list Starfleet Ships 2063-2293, and a second 2294-The Future.

Tweeting about these, Ben Robinson confirmed they will be using material from magazines in The Official Starships Collection, but intriguing also let us know that Eaglemoss are looking at ways to bring back material from the old Star Trek Fact Files - A treasure trove of Star Trek articles and images lost to anyone that didn't collect them when they were first published.
These books will be based on the starships material, with additions from the Discovery mags. The idea is to create an equivalent of Jane's Fighting ships for Star Trek. No Fact Files material in these books but we do have plans for that stuff too.
Additionally there is also a listing for Designing Starships: The Enterprises and Beyond, which appears to be a reprint, with a new cover, of the first compilation book Eaglemoss put out, using the behind the scenes articles from the Starships Collection.

For a listing of all the ships in the Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page for the main series, and list for the Discovery series.


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Gojirasaurus said...

Glad to see them delving even deeper into Federation kitbashes! There's some real corkers left, if they have the guramba to do them. :)

Must point out, the post neglects to mention that the first of the two Shipyards books (so far) will also come in an edition accompanied by a "collectible" (Presumably, an EM ship).

It's mentioned here:

I wonder what that will be?

8of5 said...

That's because I had not spotted that particular listing. If you follow the source in the link you gave it says it's a model of the TOS USS Enterprise :)

Gojirasaurus said...

That was revised since I had first seen the publisher's page. :)

Hmm, so not an exclusive? Takes a bit of the appeal out of that edition for the established collector, I guess.

Elvis Shatner said...

Not that big on the Kelvin-universe ships, but gotta admit that the Klingon battlecruiser is a thing of beauty!

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