Friday 24 November 2017

Spectacular new USS Enterprise shaped coin, and other new Star Trek coins

I've got a bunch of Star Trek coin updates for you today, including several different TNG 30th anniversary releases. But we'll start with something really out there.

A few weeks ago the Royal Canadian Mint released, and almost immediately sold out of their latest Star Trek coin - I say coin, but what this really amounts to is a huge silver low relief model of the USS Enterprise. To enforce its coininess, you will find on the underside of the saucer a face value of one-hundred Canadian dollars, and the head of Queen Elizabeth II, plus the year and country of origin.

With an edition of just one-thousand, the Royal Canadian Mint's stocks have already been emptied, but they have mostly gone to coin dealers, so you should expect to find them available if you seek it out.

This image (posted on a coin collecting forum), really gives a sense of the scale of this coin. Made from ten ounces of silver, it is 5.06 cm across, and 11.32 cm long! And so accordingly its price is fairly substantial too, a little shy of $1200 (Canadian)!

Disappointingly, despite the spectacle of the coin itself, the case it comes in is a fairly standard looking thing - Given previous Canadian Star Trek coins have had much more interesting packaging this seems a let-down for their showiest coin to date.

This is the second novelty shape Star Trek coin from the Royal Canadian Mint, they have previously released a Starfleet delta coin. You can see all their other previous releases on my Trek Collective List.

Meanwhile, the Perth Mint in Australia also have a new coin in their own Star Trek range, this one featuring Worf; the latest in their TNG 30th anniversary series. This is also a silver coin, two ounces, and features an antiqued finish. Like all the other Perth Mint Star Trek coins, this has a face value in Tuvalu, for two dollars in this case.

Like many of the previous Perth Mint Star Trek coins, this comes in a display case with a built in light ring, this time with a red tone. The coin has been minted in edition of 1701.

You can see all the previous Perth Mint Star Trek coins, on another Trek Collective List.

If you're a TNG fan and coin collector, then there's a whole load more to seek out this year too. The New England Mint has released a series of US half dollars with prints of various TNG characters on. There are fifteen different designs available. I'm not exactly sure when these were released, I think it was this year, but they do sport the 50th anniversary logo and a 2016 copyright, rather than the TNG 30th logo. At any rate they're a follow-up to a similar TOS set last year.

Finally, Bradford Exchange have also been in the anniversary mood, and have released gold-plated coins featuring the USS Enterprise-D this year, and the USS Enterprise last year. Unlike the other coins above, these aren't any sort of legal tender; purely commemorative.

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