Saturday 25 November 2017

Latest stuff to Trek up your home

I've gathered together a few of the latest bits and pieces to add a touch of Star Trek to your home today. We'll start with the subtler end of things, a new Star Trek rug of great distinction from ThinkGeek: The Federation Presidential seal, ready to make your office feel like a room in the Palais de la Concorde.

This is no less than the fourth Star Trek rug ThinkGeek have released; see my Trek Collective List for a look back at their previous releases.

Now if you need some official looking people to visit your presidential office, the Star Trek Shop has three members of the USS Discovery crew ready, in the form of life-size standees. You can get Burnham, Captain Lorca, or Stamets.

These are evidently far too much fun to play with, as CBS's John van Citters has demonstrated on Twitter:

If you'd prefer smaller visitors, ThinkGeek can help again, with their second wave of TNG gnomes. This time they are offering Wesley Crusher, Geordi La Forge, Deanna Troi, and Q in gnome form. These expand the crew from the previous five TNG gnomes (and TOS ones before that).

Finally, if you just want something for your mantlepiece, how about the TNG 30th anniversary commemorative plate from Bradford Exchange? The twelve inch diameter plate features a gold band around the edge, and is a limited edition of three-thousand.

Oh, one more thing. I'm sure many of you already have Christmas trees up, brimming with Hallmark Star Trek ornaments from many years of releases. They have already announced two of their 2018 releases, which will include (of course) the USS Discovery, and a The Naked Time diorama. Well at the New York Comic Con last month they also revealed the third, a TOS tricorder - Props are something of a rarity in the line, the last one was a phaser in 2008, preceded by a communicator, and insignia badges.

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