Tuesday 28 November 2017

Kelvin timeline props and costumes at auction this weekend

This weekend Prop Store are holding a big auction of props and costumes from the first two Kelvin timeline movies. With some four-hundred lots giving, it's a chance for us to get a really good look at many props and costumes, both familiar and seen only fleetingly on-screen. I've picked out some of my favourites, so continue below to check them out.

The phasers really stand out to me, and Prop Store have got quite a few, including some with working lights and moving parts (you can see a video demonstrating some of those further down). There are a couple of lots that include a break apart version of the phaser (as seen in Into Darkness), which magnetically clips together.

If you want a bit more umph, there's also a big Starfleet phaser rifle.

Perhaps most eye-catching though, owing to being fairly unfamiliar, are the Vengeance phasers. Here's the lumpy hand phaser:

I much prefer the angular design of the phaser rifle though, giving it a very distinctive overall shape, and a curiously tall barrel.

Which leads me nicely to the other artifacts from the Vengeance. There are several uniforms from that ship in the auction, including this version with an (evil) hat:

Nothing says "I'm a dastardly Section 31 agent" like a cap hmm?

Another lot includes boots, a phaser, and a holster too. Neat:

I do really like the fabric on the Vengeance uniforms, it almost seems to glow...

And of course there's also Admiral Marcus' version of the uniform:

There are quite a variety of Starfleet uniforms in the auction in fact, owing to the huge number of variants seen in the Kelvin timeline films. Here's a neat detail from one, a white medical insignia badge:

Among my very favourites are the USS Kelvin uniforms, with their lovely tapered piping details, and hollowed out insignia badges. Most of the tones in these are quite muted, and reminiscent of the The Cage uniforms, although the command department has a little more pop with the bright blue in use:

Operations come in lovely shades of olive:

While sciences are a more muted grey-blue:

I'm less of a fan of the Starfleet Council uniforms from Into Darkness, although the fabric used does have an interesting pattern when you look closely. Here are female and male versions:

A really fun variant, and surprisingly interesting in the detailing, is the wetsuit uniform, also from Into Darkness. There's really nice lot for Doctor McCoy's version, which comes complete with underwater jet boots!

Kirk versions are also available.

Alas no Uhura variant in this auction. But there are some awesome female cadet uniforms, which include the halter-neck skirt we first meet Uhura in - I love this design, it's very TOS.

Of course we're more used to seeing the full ensemble, which includes a jacket, and even a scarf!

And leads us nicely to the Enterprise uniforms. There are lots available, including hero versions used for the main characters. Here's Uhura, which comes complete with a pair of earrings:


Or if you prefer Captain Jane T. Kirk, there's a female version of the command uniform in another lot:

And from our heros again, Spock, which for this lot has a fully stocked equipment belt too:

Moving away from Starfleet. Some of the most astonishing costumes available are for the Nibirans, which include not just their distinctive yellow garments, but their entire bodies, because yep, that was a piece of costuming rather than being painted on! The costume includes a bodysuit treated with latex and clay to make the distinctive dried-mud like finish, plus matching gloves and toed shoes!

There are numerous lots for Klingon costumes and props. Only a few come with the distinctive Kelvin timeline helmets. This particular lot comes complete with a helmet, and both a Klingon disruptor pistol and rifle!

I'm really a big fan of the Kelvin timeline Klingon weapons; they give us a flavour of the classic props will making them look really mean a slightly organic. Here's a closer look at the pistol:

And the rifle:

And my last pick, the cold fusion device from the start of Into Darkness, a delightfully detailed (and colourful) prop:

You can get a good look at even more from the auction via this excellent video from Tested, which examines many of the lots:

If you want even more, there's also this blob of footage from Associated Press, but this is basically raw footage and soundbites ready for media to edit down, so it's not quite as engaging as the above video:

Even if you don't fancy owning any of the props or costumes themselves, there is also a very nicely put together catalogue for the auction, full of photography, which makes a great record of these designs.

The auction is this Saturday, and you can already get your bids in now on the Prop Store website. You'll find all the above items there, and many many more!


Secundius said...

The Uniform Combination with the Ball Cap looks more Reminiscent of the 1956 Movie "Forbidden Planet", even to the Placement of the Belt and Holster...

Secundius said...

I wish "They'd" Stop Calling It the "Kelvin Timeline"! One Universes Reality, is another Universes Alternate Reality. So "Who's" to say Which Is Which...

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