Friday 16 September 2016

Bye Bye Robot celebrates Star Trek's 50th Anniversary

Bye Bye Robot have joined the Star Trek 50th Anniversary celebrations with a new collection of four TOS artworks. Continue below to check them out.

My personal favourite of the bunch is something new for Bye Bye Robot, an interior painting. New artist David Owens has created The Bridge, a 12x24 inch print which, as Bye Bye Robot note in their description, being presented as the room only "allows the viewers’ imaginations to create the story of this piece".

All the other pieces are by artists Bye Bye Robot has previously worked with, including more lovely starship work that is a major feature of the company's releases. Jeff Foster's latest impressionist pieces is Exploring the Unknown - I feel a shame this has had the 50th anniversary logo added to it, as it will stick out from the rest of Foster's now quite extensive ongoing series; but there we go.

In contrast Mark Brayer's piece, titled simply ST50, is quite distinct from his previous works, making it very much a 50th anniversary commemorative design.

And going all out for the 50th anniversary look, the final pieces, by Cliff Cramp, is TOS 50th Crew, which is, well, appropriately named!

To check out much more cool artwork from Bye Bye Robot, have a look back through my Bye Bye Robot tag to find previous reports.

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