Friday 30 September 2016

New RockLove Enterprise ring and gold necklaces

Rocklove have announced several new pieces in their Star Trek jewellery collection, including an impressive USS Enterprise ring.

The spindly silver ring features a detachable saucer, held in place on a magnetic track. It is accented by two faceted bezel set red ruby bussard collectors, and two faceted blue sapphires are set in the top and bottom of the saucer, The whole thing measure three quarters of an inch wide by one and a half inches long.

Also new to the collection are gold editions of some of the designs recently released in silver. The fourteen karat yellow gold IDIC symbol pendant is accented with sterling silver and and a 0.10 carat brilliant cut diamond. On the reverse it is engraved with "Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations" and the 50th Anniversary Logo. It is available on either a gold or silver chain.

Also now available in fourteen karat yellow gold is the Vulcan script pendant, which reads Kol-ut-shan (or Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations in English). The three inch long pendant comes on a gold chain.

RockLove have been producing Star Trek jewellery since 2014, see my Trek Collective List for a look at all their previous releases.

Meanwhile, also have a new 50th anniversary piece out. In March they launched the 50th anniversary logo cufflink set.

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