Tuesday 20 September 2016

Star Trek Beyond merchandise in China

In addition to unique poster art and music in China, Star Trek Beyond has been the subject of a huge merchandise range unique to the Chinese market. CBS announced details of the licensing agreements with Alibaba, China Film, and Mtime, via Licensing.biz: A bewildering range of products are on offer, including toys and games, electronic accessories, clothing and accessories, and homewares of just about every form you can imagine! Continue below for a look at the highlights from the extensive offering:

While the rest of the world only has the option of Funko Pop! vinyl figures of Star Trek Beyond characters, Alibaba are offering several different ranges of action figures and figurines, from a company called Emen. The most detailed seem to be 1/6th scale sculptures of Jaylah and Krall, which are standing on based styled after the USS Kelvin's saucer.

At the same scale there are also detailed action figures of Kirk and Spock. I'm surprised these don't seem to have made their way out of China yet, as you'd think they'd have wide appeal!

There are also 13cm tall figurines of Kirk, Spock, Jaylah, and Krall, but in a cartoon style:

A smaller 10cm Jaylah is also available in a different (and I think better) cartoon style:

Oddly this Jaylah seems to be offered only alongside a rather snazzy model of the Enterprise, which features a light-up warp-wave. Both are listed on Taobao.

If you want something a bit more life-size, AliExpress have a range of costumes from Manles. That includes a very detailed recreation of Kirk's survival suit, complete with boots!

There's an equally impressive recreation of Jaylah's costume, made with many separate components.

And then Starfleet tunics and dresses available in all three department colours.

Also available are Star Trek Beyond socks, including a survival suit sock!

A brand called Inxx have a range of casual clothing featuring schematics of the USS Enterprise and swarm ships, which look pretty neat:

Another brand, Xingyunshi, is offering a variety of accessories, including cool USS Enterprise rings, watches, wallets, and more.

Also supplying gadgets and accessories are Rock Bear, who's range features yet another cartoon style set of renderings of the characters.

Another gadget turns the USS Enterprise saucer into some sort of media player (although I'm not quite certain of the precise capabilities of this device).

And finally, something very odd indeed: Star Trek branded crabs!?!

For a time at least, if you ordered some of this stuff (or seemingly anything really) from Alibaba's Tmall, you might have been lucky enough to get a delivery in special Star Trek packaging too (as reported by Star Trek China). Cool!

I should note as a caveat to all the above, that I have found it much more difficult than usual to authenticate all the companies mentioned above, to be sure they are all offering licensed products. Although I feel fairly confident on most, as the products have good fidelity to the source material.

To keep track of all the latest information on Star Trek Beyond, visit my Star Trek Beyond guide page.

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