Monday 23 May 2016

Star Trek Beyond trailer 2, shot by shot

Want to scrutinise every little detail of every shot in the new Star Trek Beyond trailer? Of course you do! Continue below to examine images form every shot (nice big ones taken from a 4K version of the trailer), and animated gifs of the exciting shots too!

Proceed with caution if you're spoiler averse, lingering on images that only last a flash in a trailer can reveal details, and help join up the narrative dots (especially as I've arranged this in what I speculate is a rough narrative order).

But we'll start by enjoying my favourite shot of the trailer, the dazzling new warp effect:

I love this new way of picturing the Enterprise warping through space. I doubt this has any scientific credibility, in terms of it being possible to really ever record an image like this at least, but it looks sciencey and that's pleasing in itself. Dare I say, in the age of annual Star Wars films, this kind of science-inspired angle on creating Star Trek could really help set it apart from the other big space series too.

Here are a couple of stills from the shot:

Our story would appear to begin with a restless Captain Kirk, roaming the Enterprise. He discusses his woes with Doctor McCoy, complete with a flashback to his first encounter with the ship.

The Enterprise pays a visit to the rather glorious Starbase Yorktown (more on that later when we visit again).

It seems Doctor McCoy isn't Kirk's only counsel (they should get a ships counsellor or something huh?), the narration over a shot of two people in (presumably) an office in Starbase Yorktown also seems to be reassuring Kirk:
It isn't uncommon you know? It's easy to get lost, in the vastness of space. There is only yourself. Your ship. Your crew.

But the Enterprise can't stay in the cool starbase forever, they've got strange new worlds to explore. So off they go, and in style with a really cool shot of the Enterprise departing:

The first shot of the trailer shows the Enterprise approaching a planet, and this appears to be the same one where the swarm attacks:

Looking at the shots and formation of the swarm, I think they go for the deflector first, in devastating fashion (and making it impossible to warp away?).

But they soon have it in for the rest of the ship too. Literally ramming inside.

The crew are understandably all very concerned about the unfolding events!

Krall and his troops board the ship. There's a shot of Uhura fighting one of these guys, could this be where they capture her, and so why she ends up with the imprisoned portion of the crew later?

The Enterprise is in pieces, and full of bad guys: It's time to evacuate:

The edit rather implies Sulu's escape pod collides with one of the swarm ships, but not in an explosively destructive way. Maybe this is how he ends up in custody too?

Note the little flash of red on the right of this shot once it pans over the planet - Is that the saucer on it's way down?

Well down it is certainly going!

Down on the planet, Scotty has slightly more adrenalin to pump through, before making a new friend, Jaylah. 

Uhura isn't so lucky, she gets to meet up with Krall, and doesn't seem all that happy about it.

But at least she has otherer company, from the rest of the crew, and Sulu in particular.

McCoy and Sulu get to hang out too.

While Kirk and Chekov have their own little adventure on the wreck of the saucer.

Perhaps this shot of the two of them inside one of the collapsing corridors is also planet side, after the crash?

Things turn around eventually, Kirk gets a bike! When I first saw this shot I thought maybe the crew were using the transporter to bluff Kirk's position by moving him around, but after looking closely, the later Kirk is looking back at apparently himself. Maybe a holographic decoy?

Jaylah is also busy in this location, fighting Krall and co.

And it looks like Spock and McCoy are also in on the rescue.

Eventually the main characters (I wonder what becomes of the rest of the crew) reconvene on the their new (but actually old?) little ship, the USS Franklin. Where after a little power play from Jaylah, Kirk resumes command.

And with that ship, I'm sure expertly repaired by Mr Scott, they can leave the planet.

Not that easy with that pesky swarm around.

Or maybe the swarm and the Franklin meet later, as both seem to visit Starbase Yorktown. Here's the Yorktown on approach, looking so wonderfully like the NX class from behind.

I am very excited about the design of Yorktown, very retro-futuristic with its atomic orb like structure (and not wildly different from the new DS9 interestingly). And inside, it is the image of the Federation, gleaming bright, clean, happy, full of diversity. The wonders of Federation technology are exemplified by the amazing multi-directional gravity that has plateaus of soaring skyscrapers surrounded by pleasant parks in every direction. So of course this Federation paradise is a target for Krall.

That most amazing on settings looks to become a battle ground. Note the tiny figures on the SIDE of the skyscraper in this shot.

Gravity doesn't appear to be in Kirk's favour here

Nor here, and he's not the only one tumbling, there's someone in a yellow shirt falling through the air too, a little more in the distance of this shot. Note they are falling above the same building that had people running down the side of in the other shot...


Let's hope they all work things out...

Here are the various title cards:

And assorted shots of the crew:

"You really want to head back out there, huh?" I for one, am very sure. This film looks set to be a real winner. From what we've previously heard - That the story will truly be exploring a strange new world. That the entire ensemble will get some attention as the main crew are split into little groups. That the villain's issues with the Federation will see the story and characters explore and question the activities and nature of the Federation - Well from all that, this already sounded like an exciting and thoughtful film, finding new ways to pull on Star Trek's best attributes. And now we can add to that a design and cinematic style that equally builds on Star Trek's love of science and spirit of an optimistic future, in new and engaging ways. If the film is even half as good as the talk and this trailer, we could be in for something really special.

Oh, and here is the actual trailer in it's full original form:

To keep track of all the latest information on the film, visit my Star Trek Beyond guide page.


Shadowknight1 said...

I feel it's also worth noting that in the shot with the crashed saucer of the Enterprise, the saucer still has some power, evident by lighting in the bridge and some running lights still illuminating the ship. To me, that says that this Enterprise's crash isn't quite as catastrophic as the Enterprise-D's and the saucer may be salvaged by the end of the film and attached to a new drive section to complete the five year mission. I could be wrong. This is just a theory, after all, and not one with much of a foundation to stand on as there's been no indications of such an effort, but I hope I'm right. The Franklin's a cool little ship, but she's no Enterprise. I mean, just say it out loud. "These are the voyages of the starship Franklin." Sounds wrong.

Fox said...

I don't know that the Ent-D's saucer was all that damaged by the crash. There's really not much exterior damage to the hull. The biggest problem with salvaging a crashed ship isn't so much providing it with power, as it is shoring up the frame to withstand the force required to send it into orbit, as well as to patch up whatever hull breaches there may or may not be.

Generally speaking, I've got a feeling even an undamaged saucer on a planetary surface would be too bothersome to send back into space.

Unknown said...

They can beam up anything into space surely

Unknown said...

An enterprise never lasts more than 3 movies. Expiry date is up. Fingers crossed for a well designed successor.

Unknown said...

Spock doesn't look like he is doing very well in the rescue scene. He is very pale, paler than in any other scene. Even the one he talks of death with McCoy. He looks like he is suffering from serious blood loss and is going into shock because of it and is ready to pass out. His face is very white and clamy.

The entire fear of death has been mentioned by several people analyzing the trailer. It may be mentioned because Spock's injury is serious enough. And he seems to be switching clothes but not getting treatment since he was injured while wearing his uniform but is wearing the Franklin uniform and his condition has gotten much worse. [I was a premeditated student so I tend to notice these things :-P]

Anonymous said...

I could not refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!

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