Monday 30 May 2016

Kirsten Beyer to write for new Star Trek TV series!

Great news for the new Star Trek TV series, Voyager novelist Kirsten Beyer has joined the writing team! The Shore Leave convention website announced the news, after Beyer had to pull out of appearing there due to her new commitments:
One of our author guests, Kirsten Beyer, has to cancel her attendance at Shore Leave 38 for an admittedly very cool reason. Kirsten is one of the writers for the new Star Trek series. Her work load and commitment to the new series make it impossible to attend Shore Leave this year. She is looking forward to coming back to Shore Leave next year to share the excitement of her new job. Shore Leave extends congratulations to Kirsten for this amazing achievement and opportunity.
Beyer should be well known to Star Trek books fans, as the author of all the post-Destiny Voyager novels, starting with Full Circle (which followed a couple of earlier Voyager works in her bibliography). I think it's safe to say that she is considered the savour of the Voyager series, bringing it back to life with some inspired stories, cleverly weaving together threads of continuity, and perhaps most importantly bringing Voyager's cast of characters (and several new additions in the Full Circle fleet) vividly to life.

If you've not read her books I highly recommend them, her run of Voyager stories is one of the best series of Star Trek novels, ever. So it certainly exciting that her huge talents are being utilised in the new TV series!

I wonder if any of the other current crop of Star Trek novelists have been called in too? Several have screen writing experience already...

In one other little nugget of news from the series, Variety report the new series will indeed be gaining a sub-title at some point, and will not just be called Star Trek.

The new Star Trek series is due to start in January next year. The first episode will air in the US on the CBS Television Network, but subsequent episodes will be available exclusively on the the CBS All Access on demand streaming service. International distribution has yet to be detailed.


Doctacosa said...

YES! That's some seriously great news. She really made the characters of the last several Voyager novels shine, and I'm enjoying her unique take on the universe and the unique settings she developed.

Fun timing, too. I was thinking of starting to read her latest Voyager novel tomorrow...

Ktrek said...

I wonder if this means the first installment will be in the Voyager timeline. She hasn't seem to show much interest in writing for anything but Voyager. I love her books as each one them have been quality stories but a good novelist a good screen writer does not make. I wish her well and good success!

Fox said...

Yeah, definitely good news. She's one of the few TrekLit authors who rarely disappoints.

Seems like all the TV news has been been overwhelmingly positive. I think I may even have to get hyped up for it. And the fact that I recently realized that Brian Fuller is not, in fact, some random producer but the guy who created one of my favorite TV shows (Dead Like Me) ain't hurtin'.

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