Tuesday 10 May 2016

Mega Bloks Klingon D7 and transporter room in the wild

This year Mega Bloks is returning to Star Trek, with a large range of construction toys, including model ships and playsets based on TOS, and figurines in their Kubros range featuring characters from TOS and TNG. The first of the Kubros figures, Spock, appeared last month, but we we're expecting to see the rest of the collection until later in year...

Well, thanks to Amazon, two of the other sets have snuck out super early. So available now is the Klingon D7 class, and transporter room playset. As ever, going with those Amazon listings are lots of new images of both sets. So continue below to give them a good look.

The Klingon D7 is one of two model ships so far announced, the other is a much larger rendition of the USS Enterprise. The quite modestly scaled D7 captures the shape of the ship impressively well, and comes with a display stand, including a spot for the included figure of Kor to stand on, beneath a Klingon banner!

Their are three figures included in the first playset in the range, the transporter room. This set has been used to bring the mirror universe to the collection, with the figures included all mirror universe versions, of Kirk, Spock, and mid-transport Scotty. The room itself is also decked out in mirror universe emblems, although the parts are included to swap these out and build the regular version of the room too. Those panels also glow in the dark! And to add further functionality, the set can be uncurled from it's round shape to create an elongated display  for your Star Trek figures, as you gather them from other sets in the range. Quite the versatile set!

Further playsets in the range will include the bridge, and smaller episode specific sets based on The City on the Edge of Forever, and Day of the Dove. These are expected later in the year, but who knows, maybe they'll turn up earlier too! Check out my Trek Collective list for a look at the whole range.


Gojirasaurus said...

Is it known when this licensing deal is up for renewal?

I still hold out hope for LEGO to get that deal someday.

Unknown said...

I understand the sentiment, Gojira, but I'm asking that you check out these before making any final decisions. Mega Bloks has come a LONG way, and in some ways...I can't believe I'm going to say this...is better than Lego. The minifigures are phenomenal, with articulation similar to toys twice their size. For what you get, you'd pay double the MSRP if Lego were putting these out.

Jerry said...

I'm putting together the D7 now, and it's pretty darn good. I do feel the bricks are a step below Lego bricks. The injection point for the molding of the plastic really stands out. But other than that, the instructions are clear and the design is nice. I'd recommend it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree that it's a bit below Legos. I do think they're better than the Kreos though. How long is the D7 btw?

Unknown said...

How to the minifigs size compare to those from Lego sets? Can they attach to a brick to stand in place? Wondering if they are compatible with some Lego sets for open play. Thank you!

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