Wednesday 18 November 2015

Staships Collection: NX-01 refit, Breen, Xindi, Phoenix, Star Trek Beyond ships, and more!

Lots of updates from Eaglemoss' Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection today, including the first look at several new models coming soon in the collection, and news of possible new ships on the way from forthcoming film and TV productions! Continue below to check out everything.

First up, the next oversized special issue in the series will also be the first non-canon design featured, Doug Drexler's Enterprise NX-01 refit. The smaller regular NX-01, released waaay back as issue four in the series, remains one of best models in the entire run, and it doesn't look like this larger version is going to be any less impressive. Series manager Ben Robinson shared these photos on Twitter, including one with a hand for scale:

Also shared by Ben on Twitter, is the first look at the Breen warship, which is on the way next year, as issue sixty-nine.

More official photos have also been distributed for four issues in the series. Issue sixty-three, which will be the first 2016 release in the series (in the UK at least), will be the Antares, based on the design seen in the remastered version of Charlie X, which itself is a variant of a design first seen in The Animated Series. This is the first ever model of this ship.

Following a couple of weeks later, issue sixty-four is one of the most important ships in Earth history, Zefram Cochrane's Phoenix. This is the only issue in this batch that has also had a preliminary cover design distributed.

Issue sixty-five is the Xindi Aquatic ship, the second Xindi ship in the series, following from the very impressive Xindi Insectoid model (issue twenty-four). This is almost the first model of this ship, a smaller version has been released as part of the Attack Wing miniatures game, although so far only available as an event prize, so this larger version will be the first widely available model.

Then we have the SS Raven, Seven of Nine's parent's ship, which will be coming as issue sixty-six.

Looking a bit further ahead, on Twitter Ben has fielded a couple of questions about ships in forthcoming Star Trek productions. When asked about the possibility of ships from Star Trek Beyond he had this to say:
I'd say the answer is yes. But of course I can't tell you anything about those ships.
He also mentioned such ships would be special issues. When asked about ships from the new TV series, he seemed to suggest Eaglemoss are certainly interested:
Let's say we've asked.
Finally, from both the far future, and the recent past, the most recently released issue in the series is the 29th century timeship USS Relativity. Here's a new picture of the model from above, care of Eaglemoss's online shop.

For a listing of all the ships in the Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page.

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Unknown said...

I truly hope those are NOT the final colors of the Breen warship. I understand it must be difficult to replicate the exact colors, but that truly looks awful and cheap.

Unknown said...

I love the Xindi-Aquatic vessels. So graceful! One of the coolest moments of Enterprise was when the NX-01 emerged from the belly of the Aquatic ship when fighting for control of the Sphere. So, I've been anticipating that one.

Ben said...

I feel incomplete.
I hope the Antares looks better then that.

mcarp555 said...

Here we go with non-canon ships. Now every possible design will be up for grabs as EM milks a never-ending cash cow with a model line replete with misspellings, questionable paint jobs and missing details, because, hey? So what?

Anonymous said...

First of all, it's one ship out of the 75 or so ships released/announced so far. Also, it's a special, so anyone who doesn't want it, can easily opt out of getting it. As it is you could always just pick and choose whichever ships you wanted. No one is forced to get them all, or any for that matter.

Fox said...

That Xindi ship look like a White Star to anyone else? Kinda sorta?

Anyway, damn. I was super-excited to see those pics of the NX-01 on Twitter. The original NX has one of the best (by far) paint schemes in the entire collection, and the Refit looks equally gorgeous. The fact that it's twice as large... I'd be tempted to swoon, if I knew what that word meant.

Neil Douglas said...

Why is there such work to get the Titan made when they're making the refit Enterprise with no one asking? Where's my Aventine?!

mark bernero said...

The front of the Xendii ship looks lust like the front of Seaquest DSV!

mark bernero said...

I would much prefer the Daedalus Class to the Titan or Aventene !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I looove that Breen warship! After a Scimitar issue, that was my second most desired for the collection, since I fly those ships in Star Trek Online.

The Antares... well... I think its useless crap. Not woth to be part of the collection...

I'm happy about the Xindi aquatic and Phoenix.

And about the non-canon NX-01 refit... erm... except DS9, every special was... erm... crap... I'll buy it anyway. ^_^

Bernd Perplies said...

I'm so excited seeing the NX-01 refit. I just love those non-canon ships (Enterprise-F, Aventine, Titan). I'm still hoping to get the Titan. Perhaps the refit is a first trial to see how the fans and collectors react to non-canon ships.

But the Antares is really ugly. I hope they do something about the missing paint job at least.

Gojirasaurus said...

The refit is lovely. If it does well, then yes; I would assume it opens all kinds of doors to expansion, but I do worry about licensing when it comes to scheduling.

Ben wouldn't likely touch upon the Beyond ships subject unless EM had aways to go on the current deal, but with a new hit-or-miss series, and a new film that has higher expectations than the last, I start to feel we ought to get the past want list (by consensus) of some of the more contemporary issues under the belt...just in case.

(worrywart, me)

IMO, the DeAgostini Borg Cube reissue would be one of those, as well as the TNG/DS9/VOY era kitbashes (and proper ships within: Non-roll bar Miranda, Soyuz, etc), the 1701-J, TMP Vulcan Shuttle, etc.

Then, Titan and Aventine.

As for the future, it's the future. However, business is business, and while planning out interspersed "want" items every so often between some of the lesser desires (we know Fed ships trump most alien ones), is good business strategy, when it comes to potential bumps in the road, you might want to tie up a few things that blasted cube. ;-)

Gojirasaurus said...

Pre-blasted, of course. Just to be clear. ;)

mark bernero said...

I definitely agree that the Antares is CRAP! I want to see the Vulcan shuttle from TMP and the Klingon D-5 which they should have released instead of that Augment ship!!!

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