Saturday 28 November 2015

Starships Collection's NX-01 refit, Federation fighter, and more

Updates from several ships in Eaglemoss' Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection today, starting with an interesting behind the scenes look at the development of the sixth oversized special issue, the Enterprise NX-01 refit. After the first few photos of the model were shared, designer Doug Drexler sent Eaglemoss back notes for fine tuning, and with remarkable speed Eaglemoss generated version two, with tweaked colours and detailing; perhaps most notably switching the nacelle caps from dark red to a warm orange. Doug posted these photos on Facebook:

Here's the refit (version 2) compared with the regular issue NX-01:

And for good measure the USS Enterprise too:

And here are the two versions of the refit (the most recent on the right):

Plus one more photo giving us another angle on the earlier version of the model:

Meanwhile on Twitter, the collection's manager, Ben Robinson, posted this first look at the Federation Fighter model, which is due out next year as issue sixty-eight.

Over on Eaglemoss's online shop, the first variant issue in the series, the mirror universe ISS Enterprise, is now available to order. Here are a couple of new images:

And also recently added to Eaglemoss' online shop is their second multi-pack, this one containing the starships Voyager, Defiant, and Excelsior:

A couple of new covers are also in the wild. From the collection's Facebook page there's the final cover for the just released SS Botany Bay, and from Big Bad Toy Store, the solicitation cover for the SS Raven:

Here's a new image of the Botany Bay too, via the Eaglemoss shop.

Ben also recently appeared on TrekFM's Standard Orbit podcast, mainly discussing the unpaid TOS sequel TV series from the seventies. However he also of course got quizzed on the starships collection a bit, revealing a few titbits. Perhaps most interesting is that he already has access to designs for no less than three ships from Star Trek Beyond, which he hopes to produce as special issues close to the release of the film.

He also heavily suggested the Vulcan shuttle from The Motion Picture is on the release schedule, and gave brief mention to the Titan, confirming progress on making it happen is still, in progress! Not for the first time he also expressed his desire to produce models of the some of the more esoteric designs, such as concept ships (the Phase II Enterprise for example), as well as the Daedalus class and the ringship Enterprise (fingers crossed).

Finally, some updates from Germany, Twitter user Alberto Richter (who also runs a website visualising potential future issues in the series) has let me know about the latest issues in the German release (which is coming out in a different order to the English language version of the series). Issues twenty-one to twenty-four are the Ferengi Marauder, USS Equinox, Galor class, and the USS Stargazer. Additionally, the first shuttle, the TNG design, has now made its way to German subscribers, who are receiving them one at a time, rather than the four pack.

For a listing of all the ships in the Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page.

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Fox said...

The only way I can describe the NX-01 Refit (or "Columbia-class") is... too sexy. It is *too* sexy.

mark bernero said...

Great to hear that the TMP shuttle is on the way, and the Daedalus and Enterprise XCV-330 are
being considered! I would eventually like to see USS Saratoga and USS Rhode Island released.

Anonymous said...

The more images of the NX-01 Refit I see, the more I want it... damn... :)

Yay, I'm in the news posting text. ^_^

BTW1: Nice gift from Eaglemoss with a 40% discount in their shop from Black friday to cyber monday. A shame, that there was no discount in the german version of Eaglemoss's shop... :(

BTW2: I have published a new poll for the ships you want in the official collection. Which one do you want? Tell me.

Unknown said...

Any thought to a Star Trek III Self Destructing Enterprise?

I was dusting my shelves and came across my old Ertl one and realized I had never seen it mentioned in the discussions of what ships people wanted to see next.

Gojirasaurus said...

Johnny Lightning did one of those in their series.

Blogger said...

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