Friday 21 August 2015

Twenty ships I want to see in two more years of the Starships Collection

Today marks the second anniversary of the publication of the first issue of Eaglemoss' Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection. With over fifty issues already out, and the series due to continue until at least a ninetieth issue (plus a few specials and bonus issues here and there), there are still loads of cool Star Trek starships designs I would love to see added to the line-up, should the series continue on into the hundreds. So to mark the second birthday, here's my wishlist of twenty ships I would like to see included as the series continues over the next two or more years!

Ringship Enterprise

Almost all the starships Enterprise have already been done, leaving just the Enterprise-A, Enterprise-J, and this, the mysterious ringship Enterprise. First seen among the historical Enterprises images in The Motion Picture, images of this ship were also seen in Enterprise, and a model of it appeared in Into Darkness. That model was based on the Mark Rademaker version of the ship which appeared in the Ships of the Line calendar. An unusual design, with a long history throughout the series, how could the Starships Collection be complete if it omitted one of the Enterprises?

Earth Spacedock

To me, this is the iconic design of the TOS movie era. The sheer scale and utter beauty of Spacedock really helps sell the scope of Starfleet and the Federation as organisations; this universe is way bigger than one ship boldly going. Spacedock is as important design as any of the movie-era ships, and while it's obviously not a ship itself it still deserves a place in The Collection - Hopefully a nice big special-sized space to really do this thing justice.

Hierarchy ship

The Hierarchy were one of the handful of recurring species in Voyager, and they brought with them a rather unusual ship design. The lumpy organic arrangement of pods gives this ship a unique form among Star Trek ships which I think makes it worthy of inclusion in The Collection.


Whatever you think of Nemesis, it's hard to deny it had a great space-battle, and at the heart of that was the huge Scimitar. I want a suitably huge model of this, surely deserving of special treatment, especially as I think this ship has to come with the wings deployed, to give us that beautiful lion-fish like design.

Borg Diamond

The idea of Borg ships is pretty cool, but when it comes to turning those grey and green geometric shapes into models... not so exciting! The exception surely would be the Borg Queen's ship. With its intricate cut out shapes, and glowing purple core this would be one of the most interesting models in The Collection.

Orion pirate ship

I think we must be careful not to forget that The Animated Series is absolutely as much a part of the Star Trek universe as any of the live-action series. So we must get some ships from it in The Collection! There are plenty to pick from, but I think one of the most interesting designs is the Orion ship seen in The Pirates of Orion. The ship is only shown from two quite similar angles, so it would be a bit of a challenge to extrapolate the full 3D design - But then that would make it even more of a treat to see it fully brought to life!

Orion interceptor

While only seen a few times over the series, the Orions have managed to establish themselves as one of the major Star Trek races. They've not established a very consistent ship style though! Completely different to the TAS design, the remastered TOS introduced an Orion ship that The Collection's manager, Ben Robinson, has already hinted might be included. And Enterprise also offered two Orion ships, including my favourite of all the Orion ships we've seen, the vicious and fast looking Orion interceptor.

Enterprise shuttlepod

I'm hoping the four shuttlecraft on the way will just be the start of semi-regular series of shuttles, released in parallel to the starship series. Candidate number one for the second wave has to be the Enterprise shuttlepod. I imagine only the Enterprise itself had more screen time than these had over any other ships in the series, and their critical role in the very character of the series surely earns them a place in The Collection.

Cheyenne class

There were several barely visible new ships seen in the wreckage of the Battle of Wolf 359, and some of them were really nice designs. My favourite is the Cheyenne class, the four-nacelled ship clearly in the same design family as the Galaxy class, but firmly establishing its own identity.

New Orleans class

And my second favourite is the New Orleans class, a bit closer in form to the Galaxy class, but still very much its own thing. What I think is important about both of these ships (and the other Wolf 359 wrecks) is that they give us just about the only glimpse at a period in Starfleet design, the pre-Borg 24th century era. They are barely seen, but lovely designs, that give a window into a period of Starfleet history little explored.

Xindi Reptilian ship

If you really boil own Enterprise's Xindi arc it's Earth vs the Xindi Reptilians, so naturally the Reptilian ships saw plenty of action that season, as the main bad-guys. Not only are these one of the most prominently featured ships from Enterprise, but it's also a great unusual design; like some sort of stripped back manta ray. We've already got the Xindi Insectoid ship, and the Aquatics on the way; surely we can't miss out this star of their fleet.


There are a few space-based lifeforms in the series that you could just about get away with calling ships too, and surely the most prominent of them all are the starjellies from Encounter at Farpoint. Making their ropey arms might be a challenge, but I think surely one that has to be taken on, as they would be a bit boring in their saucer-only form. Making them seem glowy and translucent might also be tricky, especially while keeping a die-cast metal element in the model - My suggestion would be to use the metal to make the interior details, and encase it in a translucent plastic shell to bring the whole thing to life. Could it be done?


Another jellyfish of sorts comes from the first nuTrek movie. Ben has hinted before that a model of this could have moving parts, and if any ship could use that sort of feature it's the Jellyfish, with it's rotating elements being a critical part of the design. Moving or not, this strange Vulcan design is an important part in the history of Trek, helping to establish the alternate timeline, surely worthy of inclusion.

We've already had two Vulcan ships from Enterprise in The Collection, and there are still several more from that series that could (and I hope will) join the series. But I'd like to see a Vulcan ship from another era get in too, the T'Pau, as seen in Unification, pleasingly gives continuity to the Vulcan use of ring-ships, while also providing a very different take on the Vulcan starship aesthetic.


While it was fully designed for The Motion Picture from the start, we didn't really get a good look a V'Ger until the director's cut DVD. But it was worth the wait; this unusual design fuses together organic forms and technological details, perhaps reflecting the final fate of V'ger itself. It could be a really interesting model if the prints can bring to life energies visible on the hull.

Daedalus class

Strangely this class that we've never seen in action on-screen feels like one of the most important in Starfleet history. While the adventures of the Daedalus class might be told in non-canon tales, the ships are canon so much as models have been seen on sets in the show. Another case of an obscure corner of Starfleet design deserving its time in the spotlight.
Son'a battleship

Insurrection delivered quite a lot of new ship designs, four different ones for the Son'a alone! My favourite has always been the larger battleships, with the atypically wide and boomerang shaped hulls making them quite distinctive.

Night ship

Unusual orientation is also the source of my desire for this very obscure ship seen in the Voyager episode Night. Tall thin ships are very uncommon indeed, and that's just the start from this strange iridescent glowy design. I imagine deep-sea marine animals inspired the look of these aliens that live in a dark void, and I think the model would be a real treat if it featured glow in the dark paint to bring that effect to life!

USS Titan

A ship that could happen if we make it so! The USS Titan is a canon ship, but probably also the best established of the non-canon designs, having only been mentioned on-screen, but seen in books, comics, video games, and more. If any (mostly) non-canon ship deserves a place in this collection it is surely the Titan. Ben told me last year, if we could find five-thousand people willing to commit to pre-order, then a special extra issue could be commissioned - So far, one year on, we're just a few names short of four-thousand on the petition set up to gather those names. If you share my desire for a model of the Titan, then please sign that petition, and share it far and wide. We're tantalisingly close now!

USS Aventine

And finally, also possible with a bit of fan love, the beautiful Vesta class USS Aventine. She's not been around as long as the Titan, but she's quickly become a major presence in the Star Trek lit-verse. Plus she has the cool factor of being a slipstream drive enabled ship! There's a petition going to get this non-canon ship included too; it's not been running as long, and has much further left to go than the Titan at the moment. So lend your name there as well. If we can get both ships, along with the Enterprise-E, we'll have the Destiny three!

So those are my top twenty. Several other ships have been confirmed by Ben as planned for the The Collection already, so I've not included those in the above list, but if they don't make it, I would certainly lament the loss of the Enterprise-J, T'Plana Hath, and D5 class. What ships are you eager to see models of?

For a listing of all the ships in the Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page.

Image sources: Screencaps from TrekCore, other images from the Star Trek EncyclopediaStar Trek: The Next Generation - The Continueing MissionStar Trek: Fact FilesShips of the LineStar Trek Magazine, and Ex Astris Scientia.

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Anonymous said...

Funny, we had the same idea of the night alien ship the same day.

My suggestion issue list grows to 50 now, but I stopped.
Currently #28, take a look: Glykokalyx's suggestion issues

I would like ESD as model too, but I think it would be too big.

Anonymous said...

Ermmm... and your night alien ship picture is upside down... ;-)

8of5 said...

Whoopsie! Teach me to not pay enough attention when rotating a picture from a funny angle!

8of5 said...

I think Spacedock as tall as the nuTrek Enterprise is long would be fine? The only other model of it ever is the Micromachines one, and even that is a pretty nice little model, so anything bigger would be a bonus!

Unknown said...

Definitely Deadalus, Cheyenne and the Orion Interceptor. The Enterprise ringship would be nice as well.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

What a great list! I'd also like to see the Enterprise-E Captain's yacht and the mission scoutship from Insurrection; the Federation scout ship from TAS: More Tribbles, More Troubles; and a workbee (with grabber sled attachment).

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you wrote this post, as I had been considering writing to "The Trek Collective" on this very subject! It's amazing that after so many issues have been announced (70) that there are at least 40 more ships that I can think of that I'd love to see. I wonder if you (Admiral Trek Collective) could create a "master list" of ships/stations/shuttles that fans would like to see? You already have the ear of The Official Star Trek Starship not?

You've already listed many of my "Top 20," so but I'll add in 20 more that have not been announced or unofficially announced ( like Ent-A, The Vulcan Lander, and Klingon D5 ). In no particular order...

1. Sydney Class ( Scotty's ship in "Relics )
2. "Warp Delta" ( An Earth Starfleet ship )
3. Romulan Scout Ship ( "The Defector" )
4. Regula One, etc ( Yes, it was used in many shows, but this is THE version )
5. Dominion Battleship ( The HUGE one in "Valiant" )
6. Cardassian Freighter ( "Return to Grace" )
7. Bajoran Raider ( The Circle Trilogy )
8. Bajoran Interceptor ( The Circle Trilogy, etc )
9. Cardassian Keldon Class ( "Defiant" )
10. Kazon Predator Class ( The Huge one )
11. Kazon Raider ( The ship )
12. Borg Renegade Ship ( Descent Part 1 and 2 )
13. Vidiian Ship ( "Deadlock" )
14. Baxial ( Neelix's Ship )
15. Son'a Command Ship
16. Son'a Collector
17. Romulan Science Ship ( "The Next Phase" )
18. Jupiter Station ( "Life Line" )
19. Starfleet Tug ( "A Time to Stand" )
20. Tellerite Cruiser ( "Babel One" )

Shadowknight1 said...

Honestly considering that there is no decent model of it, I want the Klingon battlecruisers seen in ST09's Kobayashi Maru scenario.

Anonymous said...

@Mark Flessa
Just click my gallery link above (first comment), because I've made some of your desired issues as suggestion magazines already. Others from your list will follow within my daily updates.

Unknown said...

And with all the ships mentioned there still are more to consider.

The Husnock Battleship from The Survivors TNG

The Promellian Warship from Booby Trap TNG

The Hunter's Ship from Captive Pursuit DS9

The Xhosa, Cassidy Yates ship DS9

Medusan ship from Is There in Truth No Beauty TOS-R

Miradorn Raider from Vortex DS9

Sheliac ship from The Ensigns of Command TNG

And so many more

Fox said...

The main ones I want are the Titan and the Aventine. I could take or leave the others. Though I do rather like the Cheyenne.

Really, though, what I REALLY want are special issues of the Akira and Saber. All big and huge and sexy like. A shame STO couldn't get Alex Jaeger to design stuff. That man knew Trek like no one else since Probert Himself.

8of5 said...

Inexplicable DeVice: Ent-E yacht is confirmed, just doesn't have an issue number yet :) TAS Federation ship could be fun indeed!

Mark Flessa: Ben has shared a new rendering of the Bajoran Raider, so I think that's pretty much confirmed. Lore's Borg ship is issue 73. Baxial also confirmed but no number yet. And a lot of those others seem like no-brainers, I'll be surprised if there are any Romulan, Klingon, or Dominion ships not done.

Shadowknight: There is a gaming miniature model of that ship in Star Trek: Expeditions, it's not a bad model. But a bigger one would be nice, Ben was asking on Twitter if that's a ship we'd like to see just recently.

Mike Briggs: All your selections are physical models I think, which will make them a bit more work than CGI-era ships, as they'll need new models to build from.

Fox: Big Akira would be awesome! Alas if they do bigger versions of some ships they already did I doubt it will be anything other than Enterprises!

Anonymous said...

I've created a poll with 130 pods/shuttles/ships/bases we could have in the Eaglemoss collection.

If there are enough votes, I'm gonna share them with Ben Robinson, the Eaglemoss starship collection manager. Maybe it helps him for a decision!

50 of them are from my suggestion-issue pictures, which I publish daily at Twitter.

@8of5: I've set a link to your website, I hope it's okay?

Shepherd said...

I went ahead and voted for everything except escape pods (sorry, can't get excited about those). Even if it means cramming shelving into strange places in my tiny house, I would have them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your vote!
Teehee, I wouldn't vote for a escape pod too. :)
That was just a crazy idea and someone could like them.

Unknown said...

What about the Quang Class I K V Gorkon fron Star Trek Gorkon

Unknown said...

Also what about the Curry Class, Shelby CClass and Yeager Class from the Dominion war in D S 9
and the Soyaz class U S S Bozeman.

Anonymous said...

@kevin shaw
The IKS Gorkon is a novel-only ship. That would require another petition.

The Curry class, Soyuz class und DS9-Yaeger class will be part of my new suggestion-issues gallery season 2 (click my profile name) with more than 150 issues, starting this friday.

There is no "Shelby class".

PaulYoung1591 said...

Voyager's Full Circle refit
Or any ships from the Full Circle Fleet

PaulYoung1591 said...

Or a Year of Hell version of Voyager

PaulYoung1591 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PaulYoung1591 said...

Voyager's Full Circle refit
Or any ships from the Full Circle Fleet

mark bernero said...

I have wanted a Daedalus since its first appearance in the ST Cronology 20 years ago!

Anonymous said...

I've made a collection visualization here. ;)

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