Friday 21 August 2015

Latest Star Trek figures and sculptures

Several of the recent Star Trek action figures and figurines which were first revealed a few weeks ago at the San Diego Comic Con are now starting to appear on maker and retailer websites, and with them come lots of new images to help us check out all the new designs. Continue below to inspect all the latest figurative Star Trek releases.

Due out early next year from Icon Heroes (Things From Another World say January, but Entertainment Earth are predicting February), is the Captain Kirk in chair bookend, a ten inch tall polystone statue sculpted by Gentle Giant. Icon Heroes have released loads of images of this, so you can see all the details:

Expected around the same time (with the same release date predictions from Entertainment Earth and Things From Another World), is Diamond Select Toys' second Star Trek Femme Fatales statue. Deanna Troi hasn't been quite as sexed-up as the previous Seven of Nine statue, but she is depicted in her rarely seen mini-dress uniform, so I think it's fair to say the sexualisation of this particular line continues... This one is nine inches tall and made of PVC.

Finally DST have also announced more characters in their retro cloth figures re-issues. According to Entertainment Earth, Sulu and the Gorn will be reappearing this November, which is actually earlier than the previously announced Spock and Khan wave, which is due out in January. Diamond Select Toys are also now listing Kirk and the Klingon as another wave due for release in winter 2015/2016, but they don't seem to be appearing on retailer websites yet.

For full listings of the latest Star Trek toys and models on the way, hit the "Models, Toys, and Games" button at the top of my 2015 and 2016 schedule pages. You'll also find further listings of Star Trek toy ranges on my Trek Collective Lists sub-site.

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