Wednesday 5 August 2015

Starships Collection's Relativity, Romulan BoP, and ISS Enterprise

One of the best things about Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection is that it quite regularly gives us models of ships which have never been available in physical form before. One of those coming up is the USS Relativity, the 29th century timeship seen in Voyager. It will be out by the end of the year, as issue fifty-nine in the series, and while we wait for it to find it's way back to the 21st century, the series' manager, Ben Robinson, posted several photos on Twitter of the unusual iridescent blue model. Continue below to check out more of this ship and others Ben has recently previewed.

A couple of issues before the Relativity, the Romulan Bird of Prey will be only the second TV-era TOS ship in the series so far. When Ben tweeted these images he noted some of the work done to make the big bird motif look just right: "A LOT of effort went into adding grain to the bird pattern."

Ben also posted the first ever images of the ISS Enterprise, a variant of the recently released USS Enterprise model, which will be released separately from the regular series as an extra issue. This variant features different print details appropriate to the mirror universe ship, plus new nacelles, complete with spire-tipped caps. Ben noted that if this first mirror variant does well, a mirror-NX-01 is also possible.

Ben regularly posts previews from The Collection on Twitter, definitely worth a follow. For a listing of all the ships in the Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page.

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John Madden said...

Okay, I hate to be that guy, but am I the only who noticed the Terran Empire symbol on the ISS Enterprise is backwards?

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