Wednesday 25 March 2015

More images of Starships Collection's First Contact ships

The Official Starships Collection's manager, Ben Robinson, has been sharing more pictures on his new Twitter account, giving us more views of the forthcoming models of Alex Jaeger's First Contact ships, the Steamrunner class USS Appalachia, and Saber class USS Yeager, which will be issues fifty-four and fifty-six, due out first in the UK, in September.

Continue after the jump for more pictures:

Ben also posted a new group shot of many of the already released Federation ships:

And it's not just Star Trek Ben has been posting about, he's also been teasing other Eaglemoss products, including an incredible shot from a Dalek factory, check that out on Twitter!

For a listing of all the ships in the Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page. And don't forget, if you want a couple more fantastic Federation ships to join The Collection, make sure you sign up with the petitions for the USS Titan and USS Aventine.

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Fox said...

Kinda wish they'd bothered to mold/detail the Saber's shuttlebays, but oh well. The fact that they've got white and black windows is pretty cool. Can't wait for these two. May end up cancelling my sub after 'em, because once we get these two--what else is left?

Unknown said...

@ Fox: Regarding Starfleet ships there are some nice Earthships left from Enterprise. I hope they do them before they probably do all the ugly DS9 kitbashes.

I also kinda hope we'll see the Gorn ship from TOS Remastered but I doubt it. It's as shame. Such an interesting design and they still decide to present it as a distant blurry mess.

8of5 said...

The Gorn ship could be interesting. Although I don't think the model has any sort of texturing, so while the shape would be interesting, the finish might be a bit dull.

And there are loads of cool Federation ships left Fox (and loads of coll aliens too!), not least the various ships from Wolf 359!

Fox said...

I meant cool Fed ships post-the FC ones. The Pasteur and ENT ships are all out -before- the three FCs, IIRC. Which really only leaves some of the kitbashes, which I don't have much interest in, and the refit special issue.

Unknown said...

There are still some ENT-ships left like the triangular shaped starfleet ship you can see in several episodes. The Conestoga and NX-Alpha are also possible issues they could do.

I can't think of any missing fed ships from TOS onwards, though.

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