Wednesday 11 March 2015

Frisbee-Enterprise is real now! And other examples of ThinkGeek's diabolical genius

Cast your minds back to the 1st of April last year, a day when ThinkGeek repeats its annual custom of revealing to the world even crazier product ideas than they usually dream up, to bring joy and amusement to all. Well, they've only gone a made one of them real!

Available now, possibly one of the greatest Star Trek inventions from ThinkGeek ever, certainly one of the best USS Enterprise shaped things to have been created, the fully-functional flying-when-thrown, USS Enterprise flying disc!

ThinkGeek explain how they changed, complied-with, the laws of physics to make this work:
Each Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Flying Disc is pretty much just what it looks like. There's the saucer section (made of space-age plastic) which is the part you throw (just like a regular flying disc). But the Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Flying Disc also has the rest of the ship attached (made of foam). The saucer section spins freely, and the secondary hull actually stabilizes and flies behind it. The result? A U.S.S. Enterprise you can easily throw and catch.
And this is just the latest of several recent releases from ThinkGeek. Continue after the jump to see more of their new Star Trek creations:

The Enterprise features on all the latest releases, including these yoga pants (also suitable for frisbee?):

And finally, there's this ceramic travel mug featuring the Enterprise, some of the time at least, as the Enterprise blueprint appears when the mug is full of hot liquids.

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