Monday 6 October 2014

QMx's USS Reliant artisan replica

The next release in QMx's range of high end studio-miniature-style artisan replica starships will be the USS Reliant, and QMx have now updated there freshly redesigned website with a pre-order page for the ship. The 1:250 scale model will be just a little under a meter long and comes with lots of sound and light effects, as well exacting details, with the highlight on the Reliant being two complete shuttlebay interiors.

The Reliant will be limited to an edition of five-hundred, but you can also make it entirely your own, as QMx offer lots of customisation options; including battle-damage, a quote of your choice on the base. In fact they can do pretty much any idea you can throw at them, so long as it's feasible to pull off, and you're willing to spend a bit more to have it done - A bit more than the base price of $9995 that is!

Lots of images continue after the jump, and you'll find even more on QMx's site. Anyone planning to make an order?

1 comment:

mcarp555 said...

Now why can't Eaglemoss do this level of detail for £9.99?

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