Monday 6 October 2014

It's green

Are you an Orion woman loosing their potency with age? Well fear not, when your pheromones fail you, the Orion Syndicate has got your back, ready for you to manipulate the minds of others by softening them into a drunken stupor, with Syndicate Lager for Orion seductresses.

Or something like that... The latest alcoholic beverage from Federation of Beer was available over the weekend, at Destination Star Trek, in London. gave this description of the exclusive release:
The beer is inspired by the popular green Orion Girls of Star Trek lore and it's produced in Zatec, Czech Republic, the heart of bohemia that is renowned for the cultivation of Saaz noble hops and barley malt. The lager is brew using traditional Czech technology that produces a lager golden in color with full flavor. Its nose is of medium aroma of light malt with hops and it shows a rich head.

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Fox said...

Aah! Pronoun disagreement! It burns us!

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