Friday 28 June 2013

nuKlingon Mimobot coming with exclusive Into Darkness home video releases

Details of another exclusive release of Star Trek Into Darkness on home video have been revealed. Walmart will be offering an exclusive new Mimobot USB stick/figurine, based on the nuTrek Klingons; the lid is the helmet, which slides off to reveal the Klingon face beneath:

So far I can only see this listed on the Canadian Walmart online shop, which is offering it with the 3D bluray, bluray, and DVD releases of Into Darkness, as well as a bluray two-pack with both Into Darkness and the 2009 film.

Amazon in the UK are also offering an Into Darkness/Star Trek two-pack, on either bluray or DVD.

The other exclusive edition of Into Darkness so far announced is Amazon's version which comes with a QMx phaser replica. TrekCore have released some photos showing off the prop from more angles:

There are more photos on TrekCore. So far and are offering the phaser exclusive, the latter with the bluray in steelbook packaging.


Unknown said...

Would be nice if the mimobot pack-in was available in the US too. Though I'm thinking about pre-ordering the twenty-five buck set from Walmart. Would be nice to have a blu-ray copy of the '09 movie.

If I knew there was going to be a worth-while exclusive pack-in I would wait, but I'm not sure how long those pre-order cards will be available at Walmart, and the deal sounds good enough to me. I could wait and potentially get the additional 3D b-ray disc, but honestly...I doubt I'll ever have a use for it...

8of5 said...

I don't really know much about things work with the US and Canada, or Walmart. Would it be unusual/normal if a Walmart exclusive were released in Canada and the US? Or in other words, maybe it's just been listed in Canada first but will also be offered at US Walmarts?

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