Sunday 23 June 2013

First details of Tactics III

Wizkids have announced the first details of the forthcoming third series of releases in their Star Trek Heroclix game, Tactics. Tactics III will have something of a Borg focus, featuring several Borg ships, as well as assimilated vessels. The addition of assimilated ships will add a new quirk to the game-play, as they will feature both the abilities of the original ship's faction, as well as additional Borg characteristics. Also included in the series are ships from the Bajorans, Kazon, Species 8472, Federation, and Earth. As with the previous series there will be a four ship starter set (which includes a rule book and maps), as well as individual ships available to expand your fleets. The starter set includes the USS Enterprise-D, a Kazon Olga Predator class ship, the Razik, Borg Assimilator 84 (as seen in Descent), and Borg Scout 255 (presumably the small crashed ship seen in I Borg):

There will be twenty-eight ships to collect in the individual expansions, those seen in Wizkids' solicitation include a Borg Cube and Diamond, an Assimilated Galaxy class, a Species 8472 ship, Bajoran raider, and an NX class:

CCG Borg Scout card
All this is expected to arrive in September. There are a few interesting connections to previous Star Trek tie-ins in the Borg ships offered here. The designation Assimilator was also used for the Descent ship in the video game Armada II (replacing an original design for the same type of ship in the original Armada). The Borg Scout meanwhile appears to be the same design seen in the Star Trek Customizable Card Game a couple of times. To the best of my knowledge this will be the first time there have been models of the Borg Scout or Diamond, and to the Assimilator, Bajoran, Kazon, and Species 8472 are all pretty uncommon.

In other news from Wizkids, they have announced they will offering a promotional captain card for their forthcoming new Star Trek game, Attack Wing, to those who attend GenCon in August. A Khan Noonien Singh card will be available to those buying Attack Wing games at the convention, and will look like this:

Wizkids have also updated their website with an image of all the Attack Wing ships being offered at launch:

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