Tuesday 11 June 2013

Into Darkness Catch-Up Part 1: Promotion

In the weeks since Into Darkness' release the film makers have been able to start to open up about the film, revealing insights into the design and production, and of course generally promoting it. This is the first of a four part catch up of Into Darkness info. Working backwards in the production cycle I'm starting with promotional stuff:

First up, something TrekMovie found hidden away on the Are You the 1701 website: A Starfleet report on John Harrison's activities prior to his seeking vengeance. There are lots of redacted bits, but it has a few nods to Countdown to Darkness, and gives us a curious incite into how Marcus was using Harrison; sending him to spy on the Klingons for some reason it seems (click to embiggen):

Harrison related, on the Conan show, J.J. Abrams released a short deleted scene with John Harrison showering the brig. I didn't notice this is added into the novelization; I wonder where it came in the film:

The final character profile video released was also based John Harrison:

If you were lucky enough to go to one the first IMAX screening sof the film you might have got yourself one of the special prints they were giving away. IMAX has posted a report by the artist, Mark Englert, in which he explains every detail of his design process for the poster; from the first sketch, to the decisions on the choice of colours for the red and blue versions. Here's a sketch of what the poster might have been, having the Enterprise facing off against Harrison in space:

And here's the glow effect on the poster. Englert highlighted a very cool feature, which I hadn't noticed on my own poster until he pointed it out in this article; if you look very closely there are two tiny figures space jumping from the Enterprise to the Vengeance:

See the full IMAX report for lots more progress and detail images.

Finally Paramount released a couple more clips from the film. If you've seen the film already these wont be anything new, but maybe you want to relive the moments... See them after the jump:

PS, for exhaustive information on every facet of Into Darkness, and its tie-in merchandise, check out my Into Darkness guide.

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