Friday 3 August 2012

More original fiction in the latest Star Trek Magazine

Available now digitally from Zinio, and coming in the next few weeks in print, is the latest issue of the Star Trek Magazine. As one might expect it is busy celebrating all things TNG, including features on the blurays and music. There's also lots of love for Star Trek comics again, with a second Four Colour Flashback article, this time looking specifically at Marvel's Star Trek books. There's also a new comic strip, Starship Trekkers, which kicks off with its own quirky take on Encounter at Farpoint. Plus there's a six page feature on the TNG/Doctor Who crossover comic.

As well as the new comic, there's new original fiction in the form of a second Star Trek Online inspired short story, featuring the Enteprise-F, which comes together with an introduction to the crew of that new flagship.


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