Thursday 30 August 2012

New creative Trek books

Amazon has updated it's listing for Joe Corroney's Stuck on Star Trek book, with a new blurb which describes the sticking back "kling-on" fun you'll have with the play book:
An interactive and imaginative way to experience the Star Trek universe using the magic of "Kling-on" pieces. Few television series have had as big an impact on popular culture as Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek. Now Trekkies and fans of all ages can set their phasers to fun as they reenact their favorite scenes from the original Star Trek universe—or create new, uncharted scenarios! Stuck on Star Trek features ten original and instantly recognizable scenes including the Enterprises’s bridge, sick bay, the cantina, the transporter and engine rooms, private quarters, as well as alien environments, which set the stage for more than thirty reusable "Kling-on" stickers featuring everyone’s favorite Starfleet crew: Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Bones, Uhura, Sulu, Scotty, Chekov, Nurse Chapel, their Klingon and Romulan adversaries, the always-doomed Generic Red Shirt Guy, as well as phasers, communicators, universal translators, ships, speech and thought bubbles, costumes, and Tribbles. Lots of Tribbles. With wire-o pages and a foldout stand for easy display, and play, in a cubicle or on any surface, fans can reenact Kirk and Uhura’s groundbreaking kiss, Spock’s use of the Vulcan Death Grip, or beam the crew (except for Generic Red Shirt Guy) up from a hostile and unfriendly planet. Fun, interactive, and portable, Stuck on Star Trek allows every fan to boldly go where no man has gone before.
Meanwhile has announced another new creative Trek publication coming from Becker and Mayer, Star Trek: Build The U.S.S. Enterprise, a book and paper model kit of the TOS Enterprise. In it you will find:
...everything you’ll need to construct a deluxe paper model of the NCC-1701 that’s nearly a full foot in length. Included are 10 perforated template sheets (with foil accents and metallic printing), push-button LED lights, an audio chip that plays the TOS theme, a step-by-step instruction manual and a paper stand for display. Claudio Dias designed the papercraft Enterprise. Also included is a book – penned by noted comic book writer and Star Trek Vault author Scott Tipton – that examines the history of the Enterprise across the Star Trek franchise.
And that's expected in October.

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