Saturday 5 May 2012

New Fallen Gods cover

The Simon and Schuster online catalogue has been updated with a new version of the cover for the next Titan novel, Michael A. Martin's Fallen Gods. It's much the same as the previous version, except the Enterprise-E has finally been swapped out for the Titan. The catalogue still tags this version as not final. The Titan seems to be a slightly rotated version of the illustration of the ship which first appeared on the cover for Sword of Damocles:

Amazon have also updated the listing for James Swallow's TNG ebook, The Stuff of Dreams; pushing it back from December to April.


Sean Tourangeau said...

I still wish they would of used another angle of the ship. It is just a reused image from Sword of Domecles.

8of5 said...

Yeah it's a bit disappointing not to get a new view. I think this probably Is the final version, but the catalogue says it's not, so there's a chance it could still change.

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