Saturday 26 May 2012

More details on comic strip omnibuses

A page from the UK strips, also due to be printed by IDW.
Following Amazon's recent reveal of the forthcoming omnibus of Star Trek comic strips from US newspapers, Rich Handley (maybe the only person who owns a full set of both the US and UK strips) has posted more details. After years of encouraging various Trek publishers to take on the comic strips he has finally got support from IDW, and will be writing an introduction for them in this first volume.

At the moment they are planning four books! Two each for the US and the UK strips!

So exciting!


Anonymous said...
Hey, 8 of 5, wired has a big preview up of the Dr Who/TNG issue 1.
Regards Todd

VorpalK said...

Really interested in both, particularly the UK strips that I've never seen before. They look every bit as art-inaccurate as the old Goldkey books (Kirk in a red shirt with black hair?) and I assume are at least as awesome :).

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