Sunday 6 May 2012

More new blurbs!

Cover mock-up.
The Simon and Schuster website has been updated with new blurbs for the first two books in David Mack's forthcoming TNG trilogy, Cold Equations (the third was released a few days ago):

Book 1: The Persistence of Memory:
The start of a new trilogy by the national bestselling author Star Trek: Destiny!

A brazen heist: Captain Jean Luc-Picard and the Enterprise crew race to find out who has stolen one of the Galaxy’s most important technological achievements—and for what sinister purpose.

A broken promise: One desperate man risks everything for what he abandoned decades ago—but is he ready to pay the price for redemption?

A daring mission: Against overwhelming odds, and with time running out, Commander Worf has only one chance to avert a disaster—but how high a price will he pay for victory?

Book 2: Silent Weapons:
The second book in a new trilogy by the national bestselling author of Star Trek: Destiny!

Three years after the disastrous final Borg Invasion, a bitter cold war against the Typhon Pact has pushed Starfleet’s resources to the breaking point. Now the rise of a dangerous new technology threatens to destroy the Federation from within. Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the Enterprise crew answer a distress call, only to become targets in a deadly game of deception. To protect a vital diplomatic mission, they must find a way to identify the spies hiding in their midst, before it’s too late. But Worf soon realizes the crew’s every move has been predicted: Someone is using them as pawns. And the closer they get to exposing their enemy, the deeper they spiral into its trap….

They also added a blurb to their listing for the Klingon Bird of Prey Haynes Manual:
An all-new Star Trek technical manual of the legendary Klingon Bird of Prey, presented in the world-renowned Haynes Manual format!

A follow-up to the wildly popular U.S.S. Enterprise Haynes Manual, this new book exposes the secrets of the Klingon Empire’s Bird of Prey vessel. After a brief introduction to Klingon warships and the iconic Bird of Prey, this manual then takes the light B’rel-class scout as its main subject, providing specific coverage of propulsion, weapons, armor and defensive systems, bridge and tactical stations, and crew facilities. A size comparison chart, in-depth descriptions of key technologies—including the all-important cloaking device—are described in detail and supported by brand new full-color artwork, line art, photographs, ship specifications, and historic notes.

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