Wednesday 4 January 2012

Latest Voyager refit update

Mark Rademaker has posted on his twitter feed, his latest take on the direction he intends to take the Voyager refit design (as part of the Full Circle slipstream fleet):

This is a rethinking of the previously released version, and I think looks a lot sleeker. Can't wait to see more. Follow Mark on twitter for all his latest updates, such as the insane level of detail he is going to furnishing the interior of his Voyager model!


Billiam71 said...

Once again you are totally on point with the Voyager Refit. The slipstream requirements make this totally necessary. Also as the flagship of Project Full Circle it shows how Voyager has matured. Initially a brand new ship pushed out of the nest forced to survive with her crew in the Delta Quadrant, coming back tempered like a fine sword. Her upgrade kinda shows her moving up the ranks from Ensign to Captain. This is a very ambitious project and I love the direction of all of the ships in the fleet. Can't wait until you're done. Also how soon will it be before you post new internal schematics. I know that the bridge and engineering has had some major upgrades as well as the new Fleet Commanders quarters. Keep up the great work!

8of5 said...

Again I must stress this is all the work of Mark Rademaker; I just enthusiastically report his progress. Mark hasn't done schematics of his previous ships, but who knows, maybe Voyager will justify the extra work?

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