Wednesday 11 January 2012

Bonkers/Brilliant Trek stuff from ThinkGeek

ThinkGeek (who have previously brought us the Star Trek Spork, Enterprise Feeding System and the Enterprise Pizza Cutter) have just launched two new Star Trek products products to their brilliantly odd range:

The Enterprise Plush is the most loveable starship launched by Starfleet. But despite its cuddly fluffiness, this ship is still deserving of the name Enterprise; as the flagship of the Federation's peacekeeping and humanitarian armada it's ready to fire photo torpedoes (when you give it a hug) and light up its bussard collectors. You can currently preorder one of these, with them expected to leave spacedock next month.

Meanwhile inside the ship (or house, or office), and already available, Starfleet is ready to install 23rd century issue door chimes. The wall panels have a motion detector which makes a swoosh sound when someone passes, or sounds red alert.


Korrd said...

That door chime MUST be mine!

8of5 said...

I saw a video a week or two ago of someone who'd made a working sliding door with a really fast pneumatic piston, so it made a perfect swoosh noise. Was so good.

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