Wednesday 17 June 2009

Nero details and preview

Comic Book Resources have posted an interview with Mike Johnson and Tim Jones (the writers of Countdown) on their forthcoming series Nero. As widely anticipated the interview confirms the series will deal with Nero's lost years in the new movie; based on scenes cut from the movie itself, the comic will include: "Robau, prison, ear damage, green blood, the Narada, explosions, astrophysics, red matter, 47 Klingon ships. And more."

The interview also reveals Spock (prime) will be a major character in the series, as will Ayel. They also list characters named Quocch and Clavell as well as "an entity whose name escapes me at the moment" and a cameo from The Motion Picture.

The article includes three pages from the first issue, here's one of them:

See the original article for the other preview pages and the full interview.

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