Thursday 18 June 2009

Star Trek Online: 2389

The Star Trek Online website has been updated with another of their Path to 2409 timeline entries. In 2389 highlights include:

The Romulan star Empire continues to struggle as various colonies and individuals makes claims for power, the seat of the empire, and praetorship. The Federation continues to supple aid and attempts to help mediate the competitors to establish a stable government, but not even a location for talks can be decided on. Meanwhile the Klingons take advantage of the instability of Romulan space and start strikes at Romulan worlds along the Klingon boarder - until Starfleet sends a fleet to defend Romulan space, leading skirmishes between the Federation and Klingon forces.

On another front the Klingons hold their ground in the Gorn war, even in the face of Gorn forces bolstered by an alliance with the Nausicaans.

On Cardassian a party with Elim Garak in the leadership narrowly wins elections and re-forms the Detapa Council. The newly elected government soon face criticism when they contribute vessels to the Romulan aid missions, which most Cardassians see as a waste of their resources.

In the Federation the Federation Council announces its findings on the Hobus supernova and the Vulcan Science Academy's research into red matter. The council concludes the Vulcans may not have realised how major event the Hobus supernova was, but criticises them for creating red matter without wider consultation.

In the legal world a judge rules that the The Doctor and the Soong Foundation may expand their lawsuit to class action suit arguing for the rights of all artificial lifeforms. Though Alyssa Cogley-Shaw, a Soong Foundation lawyer realises it could take years for such a suit to be settled.

Read the full report, here.

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