Saturday 24 July 2021

Lower Decks Tom Paris plate is REAL. Plus behind the scenes art from the series.

In perhaps the most meta big of Star Trek merchandising ever, the Tom Paris commemorative plate seen in the new Lower Decks trailer is to become a real product! Continue below for more details of this, plus some other Lower Decks merchandise and behind the scenes updates:

But first. Behold!

The 20.3cm diameter plate, with gold gilding, comes with a display stand, and will be available via a new Star Trek retailer called Star Trek Unlimited, who are set to launch in a couple of weeks.

This plate is of course an in-universe counterpart to real world commemorative plates, which Star Trek has an oddly abundant range(ad) of thanks to the 90s efforts of the Hamilton Collection and others. Now like a holodeck antiques fair run amok, they're back! Showrunner Mike McMahan noted how the joke became real:
I think the old commemorative plates from TNG are funny, so we put one in season two of Lower Decks, and now they're going to sell the actual plate. Chase your dreams, people.

Here's the onscreen counterpart, with Paris (via actor Robert Duncan McNeill returning to the role) hallucinogenically talking to Boimler via his plate representation:

Wild! Surely this means the classic Mego Spock helmet featured in the first season is also due a revival!

In other Lower Decks merchandise news, a couple of Badgey T-shirts have been added to the Star Trek Shop. Both are two sided, with a friendly Badgey on one side, and an aggressive one on the other:

Dipping behind the scenes, Lower Decks animator Robby Cook shared this lovely artwork of the season two crew (inspired by Tracie Ching's TNG art from a few years ago)

Character designer Marisa Livingston also shared some Mariner and Boimler art:

And getting a bit more into production, prop designer Shay Lurie shared a few things they worked on for season one:

For more Lower Decks coverage check back through articles my Lower Decks tag.

The current and future seasons of Lower Decks can be found on Paramount+(ad). In Canada look to Bell Media services, while in the rest of the world the series is found on Amazon Prime Video(ad). The first season is also available on bluray(ad).

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