Wednesday 21 July 2021

Funko TOS Pop vinyl figure previews and T-shirts

Funko launched their new range of TOS Pop! vinyl figures this month, and to celebrate their arrival they have released some new photos of most of the figurines, plus a collection of T-shirts featuring Funko style artwork. Continue below to check them out:

These are the first looks at the actual figures rather than renderings. Two of the assortment are retailer exclusives. Including the Gorn, which is available from Target(ad).

Available direct from Funko themselves, is the cute Spock holding Isis.

The rest of the range is more widely distributed. This includes Captain Kirk in his captain's chair(ad)Khan(ad), and several mirror universe characters: Uhura(ad),Sulu(ad),Spock(ad), and Kirk(ad). For some reason Funko haven't released a new photo of mirror-Kirk, but have the rest:

Alongside the figures Funko have created three T-shirts using Funko style illustrations. Captain Kirk in a trading card style "Those Troublesome Tribbles":

Support The Trek Collective, via order links for the new range:
Spock and Isis
Captain Kirk in captain's chair

See my Trek Collective list for a look back through all Funko's previous Star Trek releases, or browse back through my Funko tag to see previous reports on all Funko's Star Trek toys.

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