Sunday 18 October 2020

Starfleet deltas for every era and occasion!

Are you looking for a Starfleet delta to adorn your uniform? Or maybe just a little one to discretely add some Trek to your every day? Well you've suddenly got a lot of options; Starfleet deltas from multiple eras are suddenly popping up all over the place, with both full size replicas and mini pins in abundance. Continue below to check out the latest from FanSets, QMx, and

Off the back of successes with full sized combadges earlier in the year FanSets have now embarked on a regular series of delta releases, with future deltas due to see simultaneous releases in three formats: Either full size with a pin-back, full size with a magnetic-back, or mini sized pins.

The first design to get this full spectrum of releases is the Lower Deck's combadge, which thanks to this release we can see realised as a 3D object for the first time. All three versions are currently up for pre-order, ahead of a November release.

FanSets constantly remind us that their pins are neither replicas or cosplay items (although they certainly a look a lot like both!), presumably to avoid stepping on the toes of QMx, who for a long time now have been the main makers of replica badges from across the franchise - Their badges have often been made using original production assets, such as molds used for the original props. Things have been quiet from QMx on the Trek front this year, but it looks like they're back now, with two new/old badge replica releases on the horizon.

They have recently listed on their site, with the option to joint an email wait list, two re-releases, of their TNG and Voyager combadge replicas, which have magnetic backs. This time around though each badge will come paired with a new smaller pin version as well. It's not clear exactly when this re-release is due. 

The final purveyors of Starfleet insignia is a less obvious maker,, who do make things other than cufflinks, including it turns out, little Starfleet delta pins! Another long time Star Trek licensee, their latest releases include several Starfleet lapel pins, which are a little more impressionistic than the other pins above, but quite charming in capturing the feel of the iconic shapes. On offer are a TNG combadge(ad), and a TOS-style delta in either silver(ad)or gold colours(ad):

Cufflinks' other new releases are also delta related, including a tie-bar(ad), and money-clip(ad). There's also a TOS USS Enterprise money-clip(ad) in the same style.

For a look back at previous products from all these companies, including many other badges and pins, check my tags for FanSets, QMx, and Cufflinks.

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