Wednesday 9 September 2020

Lower Decks 1x06: Terminal Provocations previews, and other series updates

This week's new episode of Lower Decks is Terminal Provocations, and as usual CBS have released preview images and a trailer to tempt. Continue below to check them out, plus a round-up of other Lower Decks updates.

First up the new trailer, which as ever Nación Trek have been good enough to get onto YouTube (also on if you prefer):

And here are this week's images. Several focus on a new character, Ensign Fletcher, voiced by Tim Robinson:

As ever, CBS have also released several images from last week's episode, Cupid Errant Arrow, after the show went live. A particularly fine selection of images this time I think, with flashback Mariner, an homage to the Spiderman meme, and Boimler's amazing new look:

There's also a couple of clips from the episode:

And Mike McMahan's latest easter egg video (also on

The episode also got some new social media images. Including the latest in Tendi's selfies series:

And an advert for the exciting T88!

As ever Titmouse have their T-shirt design for the episode, this week modelled by Captain Freeman. The artwork riffs on Mariner's amazing conspiracy board from the episode:

And finally, have released a little PDF colouring book featuring Lower Decks art! Check the link to download it.

Lower Decks is available on CBS All Access in the USA, and Bell Media channels in Canada. It remains frustratingly unavailable everywhere else in the world.

To keep track of all the latest Lower Decks news, have a look back through my Lower Decks tag for previews, behind the scenes, tie-in fiction, and other merchandise updates.

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