Saturday 6 June 2020

CherryTree fire a shrinking ray at their Picard Borg Cube PC

Borg Cube PC makers Cherry Tree have created a miniaturised version of their Picard Borg Cube model. The new Picard ITX Borg Cube PC is 7.5 inches either side, making it an eighth the size of the larger ATX model. Just like the larger version it can bit fitted out with different specs, based around either Intel or AMD processors, or you can just get it as a case to build however you like.

Like the bigger version, the Picard ITX Borg Cube comes with a pack of goodies: It arrives in a snazzy wooden crate, and comes with a Borg Cube blueprint print, and a Romulan pixmit card long sleeve top (see my previous reports for a look at those extras).

CherryTree have shared some images on their social media comparing the two version of their Picard Cube. This also highlights how you can change the lighting colour if you fancy a different look to the Borg green (you can see further examples of that in a previous report).

The Picard Borg Cube ITX is available to order now from Cherry Tree website, where you can also find several other models of Borg Cube PC. To see more of their range, you can also look back through my CherryTree tag.

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