Tuesday 23 June 2020

TNG crew frustration continues with Commander Riker facepalming bust

It's a tough year, in recognition of this Icon Heroes have turned their facepalming busts into a series, with Commander Riker now joining Captain Picard (who himself just recently had a third edition release announced).

The new Commander Riker facepalming bust, based on a moment from the episode A Matter of Perspective, is 7.9 inches tall, and a limited edition of 1701. Made from polystone, and hand painted, this is officially not just a bust, but also a paperweight. It is also officially a San Diego Comic Con exclusive, but of course there is no SDCC this Covid infected year, so you'll just have to get one via Icon Heroes' website.

Now surely the big question is, who's next? Janeway has several facepalm moments throughout Voyager, but this leaning-back-into-her-chair one has double drama that would be fun:

Sisko has multiple excellent options too. I think I favour the exhaustion of his younger self, although I prefer the look of older Sisko:

Worf would be an excellent candidate too. Afterall, he is not a merry man:

Alas Icon Heroes so far have only dabbled in the worlds of TOS, TNG, and Discovery (Worf above is from DS9), so I think the best bet is tiresome Kirk moment:

Thank you TrekCore for your ever useful screencap galleries to illustrate the above!

You can check out the previous facepalming busts, and Icon Heroes' other stationary and officeware, on my Trek Collective List of their range.

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