Wednesday 1 April 2020

Kelvin timeline behind the scenes round-up: Prosthetics, costumes, props, concept art, and photos!

Do you enjoy a visit to the Kelvin timeline? Then dive below for a look back at some behind the scenes goodies to recently surface from the production of all three films! Including lots of on set photography, concept art, alien prosthetics, costumes, and props!

We can start almost right at the start, with Alnschloss K'Bentayr, a crew member on the USS Kelvin. The prosthetic mask for this character is currently up for sale from The Prop Gallery, giving us a great chance for a closer look. Check her out:

If you like your aliens, Star Trek Beyond really indulged you, with more than fifty unique designs made for that film to celebrate Star Trek's 50th anniversary. Creature designer and sculptor Don Lanning recently shared a couple of photos on Instagram of some of those he worked on for the film. This first one, known as Boggs, was apparently inspired by peeling birch trees:

While this design evolves the classic alien look:

We can get a look some steps back from these finished masks, at the design stage, thanks to Allen Williams' portfolio on Zerply, which includes several concepts for Krall:

You can see a couple of different takes on Jaylah here, by character designer Alan Villanueva and costume concept artist Phillip Boutte Jr., who have both shared some of their work from Beyond on their ArtStation portfolios.

Here are a few more designs from Villanueva, for a "refugee" swarm soldier and "Zavanko the Scavenger":

And a bunch more from Boutte, including more of the Altamid scavengers, and aliens from Starbase Yorktown:

Moving further along in production, cinematographer Dan Mindel, worked on the first two films in the Kelvin series, and captured many moments from the production on his own camera while he was at it. He has a really great Instagram account chronicling life behind the lens on Star Trek, Star Wars, and many other productions. I've picked out just a few of my favourite shots of his, which give us a beautiful intimate look at the production.

These first few images from Into Darkness were all shot in black and white; which in these first shots of the conference scene really brings out the Strangelove-esque set design!

This little collection really shows of the brig set thanks to the wide angles:

And here's a few more assorted images from Into Darkness:

Plus some nice moments from the first Kelvin timeline film:

If you enjoyed those, there's a whole lot more to be found if you go exploring among  Dan Mindel's Instagram pictures.

Meanwhile, PropStore are currently running a huge auction of Kelvin timeline costumes and props, from Star Trek and Into Darkness. The bulk of the lots are costumes, including many examples of the hugely varied Starfleet uniforms of the Kelvin timeline. Here is just a small selection of some of the more unusual variants: Pictures are the USS Vengeance Section 31 uniform, Admiral Pike's uniform, a dress uniform, cadet uniform, Scotty's shuttle jumpsuit, USS Kelvin operations, science, and medical uniforms, and a Starfleet issue wetsuit!

It's not all Starfleet though, there are several civilian, Romulan, and Klingon costumes available too, including this glorious unusual (as a cherished item from a Star Trek production) full DJ outfit! It even comes with bling! Another enjoyable odd lot is a pair of "futuristic crutches", which of course have a Starfleet delta on them (whoever it in charge of Starfleet branding in the Kelvin 23rd century really does love to go to town):

Some of the highlights among props include several weapons, such as this hero phaser, which has working lights:

A bit more unusually, also available is a 3D printed prototype of the phaser:

And more obscure, the USS Vengeance phaser, there are several available, including this one that also comes with a holster:

And finally, there's also the really nice Kelvin Klingon disruptor available too:

If you're into costumes and props do have a good look through PropStore's listings, there's a lot more on offer than the selection shown above!

If you're interested in the production of the Kelvin timeline movies there are several great books that dive into all three in some depth: The general The Art of the Star Trek Kelvin Timeline, which spans the whole trilogy; Star Trek: The Art of the Film, which just covers the first film; Designing Starships: The Kelvin Timeline, which of course looks at the ships; Star Trek Beyond: The Makeup Artistry of Joel Harlow which looks at all those many varied alien designs from that film; and the fantastic franchise-spanning Star trek Costumes, which includes designs from the first two Kelvin movies.

For lots more behind the scenes coverage from all of Trek, check out my behind the scenes tag.

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